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Importance of IoT, Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is latest buzz words among the technocrats all across the world. It is a concept of connected devices to access the information on a real-time basis. It’s a so-called lifestyle, people aspire to live in the future to come. We fancy living such a sophisticated life. It definitely has the power to change the world.

Internet of Things is not in full-fledged developed stage and is still in its early phase or in evolution state. It is in the fragmented stage and not yet unified. All technocrats are relentlessly working on it to make it a grand success. Mr. Luis Galvez the Director of the IoT consortium is making a sincere endeavor to bring in all efforts together to a common platform which are being made in bits & parts in different parts of the world. The IoT smart devices will have chips installed in it ranging from nanochips & smart dust to mammoth machines. In the initial years, the number of connected devices with IoT will be less but the numbers are expected to increase tremendously in the years to come.

Brendan O’Brien (a record producer, mixer, engineer & musician) once said: “The Internet of Things enables a myriad of applications ranging from the micro to macro and from the trivial to the critical”.

Let’s delve into the importance of Internet of Things in depth so as to understand its benefits:

  • Comfort Level: Life will be much easier, secure and quite comfortable. When it comes to Business owner, they will keep a close tab on their workforce from any corner of the world. That is the power of IoT. It empowers its user to a great extent, by accessing information, hence changing the lifestyle drastically.
  • Project Management: Project Management of any sort will have impact irrespective of the type of the industries. The IoT will more or less affect every industry in some way or the other. Project managers will be able to make quick decisions and it will help them analyze the enormous data in an effective manner for better results. This will also help to achieve the accuracy of the desired outcome. It will also help in securing the internal data from the outer forces as data leakage of any sort results in business disaster. The access to the information by the Project Managers, that too on a real-time basis, will help in checking any sort of mishappening on an immediate basis.
  • Security Factor: Security factor will enhance all-time high level by the use of IoT. The instruments such as Fire Alarm, Surveillance Camera and Biometric enabled lock system, Water Tanks etc when controlled via IoT connected devices then mishappening can be stopped immediately.
  • Better Disaster Management: IoT will be very useful in better disaster management with enhanced accuracy and thereby saving the so-called human life or for that matter mankind. The disaster such as Earthquake, mudslide, forest fire, and other natural disasters.
  • Better Healthcare Management: The wearable healthcare devices coupled with IoT technology help in detecting the various ailing diseases of the patients & thereby transmitting the immediate signal to the concerned health officials. Such ailing patients can be catered & monitored immediately. Hence the precious life can be saved with the help of this technology.
  • Better Urban Management: The population in the bigger cities is increasing tremendously. The IoT technology will help in better Traffic Management of the urban life. For example, in the car parking system, the empty slot can be automatically noticed with the help of IoT devices and thereby helps in mitigating the precious time & resources.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The IoT connected devices will take the customer satisfaction level to an all new high level as customers will be catered without any delay and hence giving an instant gratification to them. This will in return enhance the brand image of the catering company and will help in increasing the customer base and hence greater value for the company.
  • Increased Interaction level: The interaction level among People, Things & Machines will reach an all-time new level. For example, Driverless car or train (Delhi Metro Pink line being the latest example) and Automation by Robotic Command etc.

Hence, we expect the Internet of Things to make a tremendous turnaround in the lifestyle of the common people very soon. Smart Phones are taking the shape of IoT Devices gradually. The Smart Phone manufacturer companies nowadays are spending numerous amount on R&D (Research & Development) and that day is not far when they will be used full-fledged as IoT devices. Several Companies in India including many start-ups are emerging with the Internet of Things Concept among which Top 10 IoT Companies have been able to find that initial success.

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