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In ​21 Days lock down, get rid of old Bad Habits

We all have habits, which we have been trying to get rid of, people have been telling us its wrong for us, but like we’re still waiting for the right time. Some of us smoke, chew tobacco, drink, gamble, or perhaps have bad routines, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, the list is long, we all know our one or two habits which needs changing, and this lockdown is the god-send opportunity to set the record straight.
According to researchers and studies, any habit, requires a seven days abstention, and another seven days to recuperate from it, here we have extra seven, just to get normalize. I know saying this is easy, and doing is tough, but one could try, for 21 days there is no outside world access, so if you’re stuck in your comfortable home, might as well, ask for support from your loved ones to get you through tough times.  
People with bad habit of smoking, drinking or chewing tobacco, are more prone to covid-19 infection, you don’t know how many people have touched the packet, you don’t know the if guy who is selling the packet to you is covid-19 positive or not, you are just counting on your luck, before it runs out.
Like an old saying goes, what’s the gain and to what benefit, ask yourself a simple question, wouldn’t it be nicer if 2 weeks of tough time versus good health for the rest of your life, would actually be possible?
Smoking, drinking and chewing tobacco are also coping skills with stressful life style, with entire country in lockdown, you could slow down and take a hard good look at your own choices and make the decision yourself.
The point is not to preach but to make best of given situation, there is no way any individual could procure his next smoke, gutka or perhaps bottle, without risking infection or perhaps running into authorities, who are hell bound to keep you inside your home.
Think about the monetary toll your habit has taken, think about the health hazard you might face in coming times.
21 days lock down might be the blessing in disguise most of us need, but aren’t aware of it, yet.

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