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In Big ‘Make In India’ Push, Army Proposes Rs 6,500 Crore Deal To Defence Ministry For Procurement Of 400 Howitzers From ‘Desi’ Firms

New Delhi: In a major push to promote indigenously designed and developed weapon systems, the Indian Army has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Defense to purchase 400 howitzers from Indian firms.

The Indian Army Artillery Regiment is looking to tap into the expertise of the Indian industry to produce a 155mm/52 caliber towed gun system that will be lighter, versatile, and cater to future technological advancements. The proposal to purchase 400 units of 155 mm 52 caliber towed gun systems (TGS) along with towing vehicles from Indian firms under the Buy Indian-IDDM category has been moved to the Ministry of Defence. The government is expected to decide on the TGS in a high-level meeting soon, senior military officials told ANI.

The Indian Army has already floated a tender to procure 307 Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems (ATAGS) along with one to locate a mounted gun system for its requirements along the borders with China and Pakistan.

An Indian designed, developed and manufactured howitzer would mean that it would be completely Indian in every way. The Army wants the guns to be lighter and easier to deploy at high altitudes like the older Bofors guns.

The procurement process is part of the Army’s plan for Mediumization with domestic guns and is likely to be completed by 2042. In the last decade, four contracts have been awarded for the purchase of 155mm howitzers. These artillery systems have already been introduced and a further number of regiments are being equipped with these guns.

These gun systems include Dhanush, Sharang, Ultra Light Howitzer (ULH), and K-9 Vajra Self Propelled Guns. The Dhanush Guns are an electronic upgrade of the Bofors Guns, while the Sharang Guns have been increased from 130mm to 155mm caliber.

Seven regiments were already equipped with ULHs, while five were equipped with self-propelled guns.

Image Source: The News Mill

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