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Haresh Motirale – Founder, Managing Director Of Brandniti+Design

Interview With Haresh Motirale – Founder, Managing Director Of Brandniti+Design

Q.How did you get your idea or concept for this business? (business details)
  Greetings to everyone.
A. Firstly, I want to thank you all for having me for this interview. I will try to narrate my journey of entrepreneurship in Brandniti+Design.

Coming with a vast background in Real Estate Sales & Marketing, starting my new venture in the same domain was an easy call to take. Prior to starting Brandniti+Design, I was with Real Estate giants such as Peninsula Land Ltd., G: Corp Group and IL&FS. I was instrumental in executing sales of more than 3.0 MN sq. ft. Commercial & Residential space, achieving a total sales turnover of more than $100 MN in year 2006-2010.

Ripe with my Real Estate Marketing experience, I co-founded Brandniti+design with Smita, an architect to utilize my strategic outlook coupled with an innovative intent and analytical understanding of project profitability, to build an organization which would address the pain points of Real Estate marketing. Being in the industry, I knew the problem areas and unexplored opportunities of this industry too well, which compelled me to start my own venture which would become the ‘go-to’ person for any Real Estate brand in the country when it comes to strategic marketing and communication.

Q. What were the most difficult hurdles in establishing your venture?
. The most difficult part of my journey has been the initial years when we were too small to meet ends and expand at the same time. Despite having started with solid experience, we struggled a lot to gain the confidence of our customers in the initial days as the market has always been cluttered with a competition with the addition of lack of transparency in Real Estate industry,

We had a myriad of other hurdles such as to attract talented resource at that time because we have low visibility in the space. We pulled countless all-nighters and struggled with limited manpower to deliver projects on time. I must say that that tenacity of ours had fetched us the support of our customers, gradually but surely.

Q. What qualities have you learnt about leadership and entrepreneurship after becoming an entrepreneur?
I would rather say that I am still learning. Every day is a new experience, a new chapter of my entrepreneurial journey.

However, if I have to put my finger on one learning which I am particularly proud of, that would be staying unfazed at the face of challenges. In earlier times, I used to get disturbed by small obstacles and used to get worried, quickly but with time, I have learned to practice restrain and stay calm when water gets hot.

Q. After all this success, what do you struggle with now?
The current struggle that we face with at present is stiff competition and changing variables of the market. The market dynamics related to our business is changing rapidly; especially the digital domain and the constant struggle that remains for us is to keep a balance between client retention and business acquirement.

Our main USP has been strategic insights and result-driven campaigns. We intend to continue delivering quality work but not at the cost of the restrained expansion plan. We are ambitious and have big goals set for ourselves. Right now, the struggle is to maintain a balance between the two.

Q. Suggest one of your most effective campaigns? What made them so effective?
A. The Indian real estate industry has been going through unprecedented changes since demonetization and RERA implementation.  The ask of the industry is more transparency, fairness and technologically advanced products.  Since Digitization is the name of the game, our objective was to bring innovative ways to establish a connection between the developers and their customers, which is quick, hassle-free and totally transparent.

Hence, to take advantage of the tide, we suggested DNA India, one of India’s largest media houses to execute an online property expo to bring buyers to the developers and projects to the buyers, from the comfort of their homes.

The objective was to make it a win-win game for both the parties.

The online property expo wasn’t possible to be executed without the help of a fully integrated Digital service set-up. Starting from conceptualizing the theme, to executing collateral for multiple channels including Social media platforms which were in total sync with the essence of the expo theme, Brandniti+Design did everything to make it a successful platform. Site-visit is one of the biggest challenges the developers face; hence, the primary purpose for us was to generate maximum genuine site-visit bookings. To everyone surprise we made 1000’s of site visits possible for the Developers hence proving it most effective campaigns in the real estate domain.

 Q. As per your opinion, what is further of Digital Marketing?
A. According to me, the future of digital marketing is extremely fascinating. With the advent of indigenous techniques and inventions such as data science, AI, VR and intelligent content, marketers are going to have a challenging time in terms of fetching results the cost-effective way. Technologies come at a cost and it remains our eternal challenge to deliver results-driven campaigns which bring ROI for our customers. Hence, I believe that the future of digital marketing for the advertisers like us will be to optimize our ways to design effective ways to deliver results with the help of technology without disturbing the client’s budget.

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