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Nidhika Bahl – Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Life Coach & Author

Nidhika Bahl is not only an entrepreneur but an international speaker, life coach and bestselling author of the book ‘The Queen Of The Comeback’.

Nidhika Bahl is a source of inspiration to all the women around the world who somehow or due to some circumstances suffering from depression. Nidhika was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2008 but she took it as a challenge. She was brave enough to come out of it with her inner utmost energy.

Nidhika Bahl believes that the strength lies within you. There is nothing impossible when you have the determination to succeed in whatever field it is, life or career.

Besides an entrepreneur, she aspires to make others happy and successful in their life so she chose to become a Life Coach. Her objective of becoming a life coach is giving a proper direction and helping her clients realize their inner strength and self-worth so as to make their lives more meaningful and happy.

Nidhika Bahl is International Bestselling author of the book ‘The Queen Of The Comeback’ which explores the lives of many renowned personalities and celebrities who succeed in fighting depression and became success milestones for others.

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