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Iran Rejects Israeli Accusations, Attributes Ship Seizure to Yemen’s Houthis

Iran Rejects Israeli Accusations, Attributes Ship Seizure to Yemen's Houthis

In a diplomatic tit-for-tat, Iran has vehemently denied Israeli claims of involvement in the alleged seizure of an India-bound cargo ship, “Galaxy Leader,” in the Red Sea. The incident occurred as the vessel was en route from Turkiye to India, with accusations swirling that Yemen’s Houthi rebels were behind the hijacking.

During a press briefing on Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani refuted Israel’s claims and attributed the action to the Houthi rebels. Kanaani stressed that local resistance groups—like the Houthis—function autonomously in accordance with their own and their people’s interests.

Moreover, Kanaani hinted that Israel was using these claims as a political manoeuvre to deflect criticism away from its continuing war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. “Israeli assertions were meant to deflect criticism from Israel’s catastrophic loss to Hamas militants,” he said.

The seizure of the cargo ship adds a layer of complexity to the already tense geopolitical landscape in the region, with conflicting narratives from Israel and Iran deepening the diplomatic divide. The situation raises concerns about the impact of regional rivalries on maritime security in crucial waterways.

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