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Is It A Crime To Be A Gay?

Is It A Crime To Be Gay?

When we talk about humanity, that means we are just talking about a girl, a boy or men or women. The question is, does a gay has any rights as an individual?

Why is Indian society not supporting homosexuality? Is it because Indian culture or Indian traditions? Sometimes I feel as if in India, we bring our children up only to get them married. Study hard or no one will marry you. If you don’t have a job, who will marry you? As if the purpose of our life is to get married only. We live in a society where marriage is considered the solution to every problem. Even if we keep homosexuality aside, let’s talk about the fear first, tell me how many can you be sure that my wife /husband won’t die 10-20 before me? Or what if my children will not be by my side all my life? People have to understand that gays also have the right to live happily? They also have similar dreams and aspirations to make their parents happy, earn well, and make their career.

They are fighting for their existence that they are as similar as we are. They face severe humiliations within society be it their family, or their friend circle or colleges. They are falling prey to bullying all the time and by any individual. While if you actually come across them and get to know them, you will find them to be as good as your other friends.

History of Section 377: Section 377 was introduced by British in 1861. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code criminalises consensual private acts between adults. In 2009 August, people came out on roads and started dancing, shouting and screaming to protest proudly saying that they are gay in Mumbai. India never had any law for a gay. Before section law 377 the LGBT community in our society was not only considered inferior but also tortured physically, most of which began from their homes. They are humiliated and neglected by their family members. According to section 377 of the IPC ‘homosexual acts are a criminal offense.

The education system for gay: – we learn most of the things in school. Our parents teach us that she is a girl, he’s boy, that time we know difference between genders. Education system is the best way to introduce what they are, they are same like us, maybe we do not accept them because of society, we couldn’t see their existence as individuals because of society fear,” What will people think” is the major question haunting everyone in our so-called society.

Being accepted is a normal human is basic need and their basic right too. But first, accept yourself.

Friends, as a citizen of India, and moreover as a normal human being I wrote this article as my responsibility to create awareness in society. They need our love and support. They deserve to have equal rights that all the others have. These rights have been granted to us by the constitution and by God. We question their existence as Humans. We don’t have any right to do this. We shouldn’t be doing this, they have a dream, emotions and fears are just like ours. Remember, this is natural it’s not a disease .It comes by birth. It’s not a matter of choice. Maybe you or I could have also been born like them. Accept them as they are.

Tell me your story, we support you.

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