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Is Social Media Marketing a Key factor for growing business?

When it comes to online marketing, social media marketing still remain unbeaten and perfect ways to reach out any kinds of clients and future clients.There’s no denying social media is a fiasco but it’s indeed a fiasco you want to be caught in the middle in. With the fast paced technologies emerging from live videos to instagram face filters, you have to jump on the social media wagon.

And now you would ask: what are the best practices I should be doing in order for my online campaign yield the highest possible effects?

1. Be relevant

How would you feel if your animal friendly skin care brand start posting about ways on how you can make your router work better? I know what you’re thinking — why on earth did they do that?

As online marketers that handle social media marketing everyday, you need to relate to your followers. you do not post for the sake of posting anything. You post because you want your followers to be involved and informed. With this involvement and information comes the drive for your following to make a movement of their own — hopefully towards your brand.

2. Don’t think of the box

Ever heard of the saying think outside the box? There’s no advice I hate more. Instead of encouraging people to think outside the box, why don’t we tell them that there’s no box in the first place?

There’s nothing I love more than brands going out of their traditional boundaries. I know this skin care brand that started a video with a shot of smooth legs in the frame. The video continued on by showcasing a pair of legs dancing. You significantly notice the pair of legs being smooth and the video ends with the reveal of the owner of the pair of legs as a man. It’s excellent. It’s out of the box and people go crazy for content that go beyond the usual norms.

3. Be consistent

When dealing with social media marketing, you need to find your steady rhythm. Posting erratically whenever you want is a big no-no especially when it comes to executing your well thought of social media Marketing campaigns. These campaigns have gone through hell and it’s only right for you to give it justice by executing it in a good way.

According to online social media marketing marketers, it’s best to post on Wednesdays at night because this is the middle of the week and they’re stressed out. They are definitely waiting for the weekend. Schedule your content out strategically. Do note that there are less views garnered on Friday nights as people are usually out kick starting their weekends.

Once you have found your rhythm, it is just best to follow the flow.



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