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Israel-Hamas War Getting Worse: IDF Pushes Into Gaza City

Israel-Hamas War Getting Worse: IDF Pushes Into Gaza City

With their ground offensive reaching the edges of Gaza City, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have declared progress in a major development in the ongoing confrontation between Israel and Hamas. It is claimed by the IDF that more than twenty Hamas fighters who had sought shelter in tunnels and structures all around the Gaza Strip were eliminated. A targeted strike, coordinated by ground troops, hit a Hamas staging post inside a building, eliminating more than 20 Hamas operatives.

Video footage obtained by the Associated Press (AP) reveals Israeli tanks and bulldozers blocking a major north-south motorway in central Gaza. This route had been earlier advised to Palestinians for evacuation, highlighting the escalating intensity of the ground offensive. Israeli military spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, confirmed an expansion of operations but refrained from providing specific deployment details.

The US has stated that it will not send troops to support Israel’s anti-Hamas campaign, notwithstanding these events. The battle has claimed the lives of almost 8,000 Palestinians, underscoring the significance of diplomatic efforts to find a solution.

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