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Israel Launches Fiercest Air Strikes on Gaza Following Shocking Hamas Attack

Israel Launches Fiercest Air Strikes on Gaza Following Shocking Hamas Attack

In an unprecedented escalation of hostilities, Israel launched its most intense air strikes on the Gaza Strip, marking a grim milestone in its 75-year-long conflict with the Palestinians. The relentless bombardment saw entire districts reduced to rubble, despite a chilling threat from Hamas militants, promising to execute a captive for every home targeted.

Just days earlier, Islamist Hamas gunmen unleashed a deadly rampage through Israeli towns, resulting in the deadliest attack in the nation’s history. Israel’s response was swift and severe, vowing to exact “mighty revenge.” They assembled tens of thousands of reserve soldiers and enacted a complete siege on Gaza, which is home to 2.3 million Palestinians.

The toll from the weekend’s Hamas attacks, as reported by Israel’s embassy in Washington, surpassed a staggering 1,000 casualties, rivaling even the most infamous Islamist attacks on the Western world, second only to 9/11. Tragically, the majority of the victims were civilians, many of whom lost their lives in their homes, on the streets, or while attending an outdoor dance party.

Numerous Israelis and foreigners are still being kept hostage in Gaza, and some are even being paraded around the streets, as tensions in the area continue to rise.

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