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Israeli Parliament Passes Amendment to Criminalize Consumption of ‘Terrorist’ Materials

Israeli Parliament Passes Amendment to Criminalize Consumption of 'Terrorist' Materials

In a significant development, the Israeli Knesset passed an amendment to the nation’s counterterrorism law late on Wednesday, November 8. This amendment aims to counteract the consumption of materials associated with terrorist organizations, particularly those aligned with Hamas. Local media reports confirm that the Knesset lawmakers voted in favor of this amendment, which criminalizes the act of “consuming terrorist materials.”

“Systematic and continuous consumption of publications of a terrorist organization under circumstances that indicate identification with the terrorist organization” is forbidden by the recently passed legislation. With a 13–4 majority, the law passed the Knesset and will be put into effect as a temporary measure for two years, with the potential for future growth.

A maximum sentence of one year in jail applies to those who violate this criminal crime. This amendative measure represents a significant advancement in Israel’s endeavors to counter the sway of terrorist groups and their disinformation within the nation.

Please note that this news is based on information available as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, and there may have been further developments or changes since then.

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