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Kangana Ranaut Meets Israel Ambassador Naor Gilon, Calls Hamas ‘Modern-day Ravan’

Kangana Ranaut Meets Israel Ambassador Naor Gilon, Calls Hamas 'Modern-day Ravan'

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is currently promoting her upcoming movie ‘Tejas,’ made headlines on Wednesday as she met with Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon. During the meeting, Kangana expressed her strong support for Israel in its ongoing conflict with Hamas and drew a controversial parallel by referring to Hamas as a ‘Modern-day Ravan.’

The actress shared photos and a video of her interaction with Ambassador Gilon on her official social media account. In her post, she stated, “Had a very soulful meeting with Israel’s ambassador to India Shri Naor Gilon ji. The entire world is currently engaged in a war against terrorism, with Israel and India leading the charge.”

Kangana Ranaut’s meeting with the Israeli Ambassador has sparked both support and controversy on social media. While some of her supporters applauded her for taking this position, others chastised her for making a comparison between the current conflict and the mythological figure of Ravan.

There are numerous points of view and ideas on the Israel-Hamas conflict, which has garnered worldwide attention. Kangana Ranaut’s vocal backing of Israel is the most recent advancement in the ongoing discussion about the war.

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