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Lack of physical activities : Cause of depression in adolescents

A new study found that less physical activity and prolonged sitting can increase the risk of depression among adolescents. The study is published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry. It is found that an additional 60 minutes of light activity like walking or doing house chores daily at the age of 12 was associated with a 10 per cent lowering the risk of depressive symptoms at age 18.

“Our findings show that young people who are inactive for large proportions of the day throughout adolescence face a greater risk of depression by age 18,” said study lead author Aaron Kandola from University College London in the UK.

Researchers found that sleep problems, a lack of energy, and physical inactivity may lead to a depressed mood and mood changes. Physical activity could be an effective target for strategies to change mood states.

For the findings, researchers used data from 4, 257 adolescents who participated in the research process from birth as part of the University of Bristol’s Children of 90s cohort study. A questionnaire was also asked to fill. It has been found that between the ages 12 and 16 children declined their physical activities across the cohort. It was mainly because of decline in light activity and an increase in sedentary behaviour. Sedentary behaviour is often associated with a sluggish lifestyle and desk- bound dependent work style.

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