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‘Learn Fast and Execute Fast’ – Interview with Mr Animesh Sharma – Founder of DigitalWala

'Learn Fast and Execute Fast' - Interview with Mr Animesh Sharma - Founder of DigitalWala

As we all know digital marketing is reaching new heights and the scope in this industry are endless. Today we have Mr Animesh Sharma of Digitalwala who runs a martech company. He shares his experience with us about how he built Digitalwala and how the scope of Digital Marketing is so vast and wholesome.

Q1. Tell us more about your company DigitalWala?

DigitalWala is a digital marketing and martech agency that offers digital marketing services search engine marketing, display marketing, app marketing, and online branding along with website and app development services. Digitalwala name suggests itself the person who executes the digital marketing activities. We, at Digitalwala offer services from domain name booking to revenue generation.  Digitalwala offers online brand building services to clients through digital marketing. Our services also include lead generation, conversion optimization, YouTube marketing, digital political marketing, app store optimization, Google profile optimization, and much more. Digitalwala also offers social media marketing services.  Digitalwala offers digital marketing training through the ‘Digitalwala Academy’ platform too. We, at Digitalwala, are empowering digital through teaching digital marketing to the people. Digitalwala is continuously helping in Making India Digital by supporting small businesses.

Q2. How do you manage to stand better and be unique in terms of competition as there are tons of digital marketing agencies nowadays?

We have unique services to the clients as per their requirements. We accept that there is competition but we also know that there is a huge scope of digital marketing. Every organization needs expert digital marketing services. We understand the needs of the client. We offer smart ROI based digital marketing solutions. We keep updated with the latest marketing skills and techniques and trends in the market.

Q3. Why did you choose to start this (specific) business?

I was passionate about a new skill that was more technical and also predicted the huge opportunity in this field as the internet industry was developing at that time. We started this business when the digital industry was evolving. This field is in-between technology and marketing. We apply both our technical and marketing skills here. It was more interesting to work in this field.  Digital marketing is an energizing and continuously developing industry. Being a technical and creative field, digital business has great growth prospects, full of varieties, and it’s easy to start a career.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have to adopt the online platform. This growing field offers multiple options to expand your business.

Q4. After all this success, what do you struggle with now?

Nowadays, clients can understand their needs and requirements. We have to make little effort to educate the clients about the digital presence. It was too difficult earlier. Currently, clients have reduced their marketing budget. Many new clients are onboard too. Time management, on-time delivery and cash flow are the big pain points. We are into scaling up our business now.

Q5. What is your opinion will be your biggest achievement?

Achievement depends on the goals. The feeling of success is a great moment. In my opinion, my biggest achievement would be when I will be able to serve the end-user. I have too many targets to achieve in business and my personal life. Ups and downs are a part of the business.                        

Q6. Who is your role model and why?

My role model is Shri Ratan Tata Sir. He is a visionary, known for humility, business leadership quality, innovativeness, decision-maker and a risk-taker person. His trust, values, and commitment inspire us to perform our work more ethically. I am inspired by his simplicity, humbleness, never giving up on values, motivating others, trust in you and philanthropy. Ratan Tata Sir has also invested in many startups too. He emphasized how the internet, rather than being a place of hatred and bullying, could be a place of empathy and support.

Q7. What are the things that make you stressed in your business; customer service/ sales / financial planning etc?

Stress is part of any business, managing staff, feeling responsible for the success of the organization, time management is also stressful. One can reduce it by doing the activities by proper planning. Customer service, sales and marketing; and financial planning are part of the businesses activities. Sales and marketing; business development is also a stressful task.

Q8. If you had one piece of advice to someone who is just starting with digital marketing business, what would it be?

There are many options to get into the digital marketing business. One can start their digital agency, social marketing agency, e-commerce platform, Chabot business, box subscription business, ad management business, SEO business, and webinar business, online business coaching or become a YouTuber. Everything is getting digitized nowadays. Almost all sectors companies are focusing on a strong online presence. Digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry. Those who work in digital marketing are already ahead of the curve since technology is the future. You’re also never worried about being replaced by new technology unless it’s by robots. Businesses in the current world are unlikely to acquire household-name status without some form of a digital imprint, and your knowledge of the web and what it takes to get seen and heard will come in handy for a lot of individuals.  I have only one piece of advice is that be keen to learn fast and execute it.

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