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“Leave my children alone”: Donald Trump slams judge overseeing his civil fraud trial

Former US President Trump lashed out at the judge overseeing his civil fraud trial in New York on Wednesday, calling him a “lunatic”, “unhinged” and “a disgrace to the legal profession”, The Hill reported on Wednesday.

Trump has attacked Judge Arthur Engoron over rulings so far in the trial, and his court filings have called it a “politically motivated” attack on him.
He also said he would appeal the partial gag order imposed on Engoron on October 3, which prohibits him from assaulting court staff.

“Judge Engoron is a political hack who ruled against me before the trial even started. He’s doing dirty work for the Democratic Party,” Trump wrote on Truth Social, claiming Engoron “fought us, sanctioned us for no reason, fined us. ” great money, never gave us a single day delay. This was his big chance and he wasn’t going to let it go.”
“Engoron is crazy, totally off the rails and dangerous – our justice system has gone to HELL,” Trump added.

The former US president also urged the judge in the fraud case to “leave his children alone”.
In early September, Engoron ruled Trump liable for fraud in a case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D).

“Leave my children alone, Engoron. You are a disgrace to the legal profession!” Trump said.

The case involves allegations that the former president and his adult children falsely inflated and deflated the value of the Trump Organization’s assets for years to get lower taxes and better insurance coverage, The Hill reports.

In his posts Wednesday morning, Trump repeated claims he made overnight when he offered apparent contradictions in testimony from his former personal attorney Michael Cohen last week and argued the case should be “thrown out.”
“I’m ‘railroaded’ to a level I’ve never seen before,” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning. “When Cohen admitted the whole case was a lie, he didn’t care. Think about it, we had a Perry Mason moment with their Star Witness and the judge acted like nothing happened and then started yelling at us.”

“Then he gave me a RIDICULOUS ORDER ON GAGA, which we will appeal,” Trump added.
He also maintained his innocence and went after James.

“There was no fraud, so they’re working with a corrupt AG whose campaign was ‘I’m going to get Trump,’ to develop something, anything,” he said.
Trump’s fiery comments come ahead of another day in court where Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is scheduled to testify. Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, who will take the stand Thursday, currently serve as executive vice presidents of the Trump Organization.

Image Source: The Economic Times

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