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Maldives: Seven best places to visit for your honeymoon

The beaches of the Maldives, which are mostly untouched by human foot, offer a vacation, unlike any other beach destination. Imagine lying on the smooth white sands with your sweetheart while entirely alone on a whole island, swimming in the azure-coloured seas. 

A Maldives honeymoon is unlike any other because of the intimate atmosphere the country provides for couples. You may fully appreciate not only the flawless beauty of nature but also each other’s undisturbed company, especially on a romantic honeymoon, without the hustle-bustle of visitors. In the Maldives, there are many things to do, whether it’s an exciting water activity or a couple’s massage in an exotic spa. Take a peek and see if you’re inclined to try something new.

  1. Manta Point

During the dry season, manta rays and whale sharks frequent the warm waters around the Maldives. They may be found on the Baa Atoll and Addu Atoll islands. Manta Point is a few miles out in the ocean, where hundreds of Manta Rays may be seen. The resorts in the Maldives offer frequent trips to see whales and manta rays.

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  1. Underwater Dining at Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

At the Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant, you may have a wonderful dinner. Spend a night here with your partner gazing into the blue waves, followed by a champagne breakfast in the morning since it is one of the greatest spots to visit in the Maldives for a honeymoon.

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  1. Beachside stroll at Vadhoo Island

While you’re getting accustomed to the beach water, stand hand in hand on the glowing beach of Vaadhoo Island with your partner for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The famous beach comes alive at night thanks to unusual luminous tides that wash the coast and create a breathtaking sight that must be captured. So, if you’re searching for locations to visit in the Maldives for your honeymoon, Vaadhoo Island should be at the top of your list.

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  1. Visit Malé

Spend a day in Malé, the Maldives’ capital, and enjoy some touristy sightseeing, since it is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the Maldives. Maldives National Museum, Maldives Grand Friday Mosque, Maldives Fish Market, and The Esjehi Art Gallery are some of the noteworthy places to visit in the city. The capital city will undoubtedly provide you with several alternatives on how to spend your day while taking in the culture of this island country. So, make plans to visit this island country, since it is the finest island in the Maldives to stay on for a honeymoon.

  1. Get back in time by visiting the National Museum

The Maldives’ history is interesting to read about. You’ll learn a lot about the rulers’ famous past during your tour to the National Museum. The museum, which is located in Sultan Park, was founded on the Maldives’ famous National Day.

  1. Take a ride on Dhoni

Imagine sailing with your better half in the crystal clear blue water. Isn’t it fascinating? Take a relaxing day trip aboard Dhoni, a coconut palm timber cruise boat. Swim and snorkel in the morning. In the afternoon enjoy fresh seafood barbeque and bird watching for a nice relaxed day with your partner.

7. Banana Reef

Banana Reef is a photographer’s dream. It’s a protected marine region recognised worldwide for its abundance of spectacular diving and snorkelling spots. The name stems from the circular form of the island, which stretches 300 metres from north to south. Marine life thrives on the reef, from the ubiquitous Napoleon wrasse and moray eels to the uncommon bannerfish. It’s a terrific site for photo ops, with multiple caves, overhangs, and spectacular cliffs.

Featured Image Credits: The Indian Express/ Pixabay

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