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Manali – A Gift by the Himalayas: Best time to Visit.

In the lap of the Himalayas, Manali is a tourist town. It is located in the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. If we talk about the exact location, it is at the northern end of the Kullu Valley in the Beas River Valley. Manali is a small town with a population of 8,096. It is the beginning of an ancient trade route to Ladakh.

It is one of the most crowded and popular hill stations. This place offers one of the best views of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar ranges covered with snow for most parts of the year. Amid covid lockdown, Manali has been a dream destination for many people to visit. With a huge range of cute cafes, small shops and good wifi connection is a great source of attraction for youngsters. Also, there are many hostels and homestays that offer dorm beds for cheap for longer durations. 

This place is a dream come true for trekking enthusiasts. River Beas offers options of river rafting near the town of Kullu. Hence, Manali is not only known for its natural scenery, but also for its adventurous activities. The majority of the times it snows in the months of December and January followed by April and March. When it comes to adventure, Rohtang Pass & Solang valley is very popular among tourists.

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Best time to visit Manali.

Though, range of attractions in Manali never makes it boring to visit, but still if you want to get the best out of something, time matters. The best time to visit Manali is during winters. Precisely, the months of November and February are most suitable to hit the roads heading to Manali. During this time, the town is covered with a shed of snow which enhances the beauty of hilly scenery. The temperature during this time fluctuates from 5 degrees Celsius to – 90 degrees Celsius. December and January are months of extremely cold weather conditions here. Though, people who love snow and winters can enjoy this weather by visiting here in December and January. At this time, the whole town is covered with a quilt of show.

But this doesn’t indicate that you can’t plan to visit Manali during the summers. One can plan on visiting Manali during summers as well (April to June). You may experience moderate weather with breezy vibes, a clear sky, and beautiful mountains. Since Manali offers such a range of experiences in almost every season, you can find all sorts of tourists here. From a group of young friends to families, plan to visit Manali Throughout the year.

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Climate in Manali.

Manali experiences diverse weather conditions throughout the year. It’s very important for anyone to know what sort of weather will they prefer before planning a trip. So here is a guide to know what Manali feels like in different seasons.

Summers in Manali:

If you are a travel and adventure enthusiast, then Summer (precisely April to June), is the best time to visit Manali. Unlike many parts of the country, whether in Manali stays pleasant during this period of time. If you visit Manali during the summers, you can enjoy many outdoor activities like trekking, paragliding, and rafting. This sort of weather condition is perfect for doing such activities. As summers cut off the snow factor, you can also have an incredible experience with zorbing and mountain activities. Also, you can see flowers blooming at this period of time. It’s a great view for nature enthusiasts.

Manali is in festive vibes during summers. You may get to witness a whole different and unique culture. You can enjoy the festival of Basantotsav in the summer month of April. Himachal Pradesh declared this fair as the festival of the state. As it marks the beginning of the spring season, it is also known as the “Spring Festival”. The temperature in summers lies between 10 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius in Manali.

Monsoon in Manali:

Monsoon is the only season that is not recommended as a good time to visit Manali. It experiences heavy rainfall during this time. Visiting Manali at this time will lock you in your hotel rooms only. Heavy rainfall can totally restrict your plans and you from going out. The weather here during the monsoon is totally unpredictable. Places at higher altitudes are prone to thunderstorms and incessant rainfall during the monsoon season.

Road traveling isn’t safe during Monsoon. There are major chances of landslides during monsoons in Manali. This can result in damage to roads and vehicles. But on the other hand, as the tourist season is low at this point, you can have good hotels at cheap rates.

Winters in Manali:

Winters are considered to be the best time to visit Manali. The months of November, December, January, and February are perfect for traveling in hills. Winters in Manali experience heavy snowfall. People who witness such scenery claims that it looks like heaven on earth. Huge mountains covered with snow can be mental therapy for you. This place in winters is mostly surrounded by honeymooners. Also, there is this very famous festival known as “Winter carnival”. It is one of the most popular attractions among tourists. It’s a blast of culture and celebration. Students and cultural groups massively participate from various colleges of India. The festival is held at ‘Manu Kala Kendra’ in Manali. This festival goes on for 5 days and offers a five-day feast to the visitors.

When this place experiences snowfall, the tourist crowd increases and it becomes a crowded place. Thus, hotel prices go higher. The temperature in winters may go down to 0 degrees Celsius or below. Hence, you must carry woolen clothing.

If you are a travel enthusiast, make sure that Manali is a part of your bucket list now. It can offer you various different sorts of experiences according to whatever season you visit in. Summers can be great for trekking, paragliding, and rafting. Monsoon season will give you the advantage of a cheap stay and trip. Whereas, Winters will give you a totally cozy and natural vibe with the beauty of snow and mountains. So, when are you planning to pack your bags and see this wonder?. Wonderland of mountains and nature.

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