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Maoists Threaten to Disrupt ‘Hamas Rally of Fake Comrades’ in Kozhikode

Maoists Threaten to Disrupt 'Hamas Rally of Fake Comrades' in Kozhikode

In a concerning development, Maoists in Kerala’s Kozhikode have issued a threat to sabotage what they dub as the “Hamas rally of fake comrades.” Allegedly, the Communist Party of the District Collector, Kozhikode, is implicated in this ominous warning, demanding a halt to government and police actions against Maoists.

The Maoist communique, received by the Collector’s office on Wednesday, accuses the government of prioritizing rallies for “foreign terrorists” instead of addressing the pressing needs of Kozhikode district. The threat, forwarded to the police, claims that Maoists are facing unjust targeting, with false cases being registered against them.

This incident raises concerns about the escalating tension between authorities and Maoist factions in the region. The authenticity of the Maoist claims and the response of law enforcement agencies will undoubtedly be closely monitored as the situation unfolds.

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