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Ministry of textile indulge in praiseworthy work promoting “vocal for local”

Ministry of textile headed by Smt Smiriti Zubin Irani indulge in praiseworthy work promoting the PM Modi’s “vocal for local”.
Covid-19 outbreak led to shutting down of companies, factories and small ventures, firms had faced the worst time of their business lives, they have become the vulnerable.

In the rising world of digital media and greatly after this global pandemic most of the business has gone online , and with the plea of “vocal for local” by the PM Modi. Ministry of textile has started promoting various award winner Idol makers, sculptors which belongs to different parts of the states like Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Chattisgarh, Karnataka .

Ministry earlier has requested to people to help local sculptors, and in this direction many Sculptors and idol makers name and their contact number has been posted on twitter handle of ministry of textile in order to boost their capability, specialization in their work and more reach out of people for business.

Ganesh Chaturthi a festival of Ganesh ji which is celebrated with full enthusiasm all over the country, was now drowning in the darkness of pandemic. Not only the devotees but also the idol makers are loosing their hopes because of the Covid-19 people are not walking out of their houses to buy idols which is adversely affecting their business and in turn markets.
Action of ministry of textile in pursuit of happiness for idol makers or sculptures is laudable.

Earlier also on National Handloom Day ministry has promoted the handloom weavers from all over the states.

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