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Most Sacred Places of Nepal

There is a country where we Indians can visit without a visa yet we can flaunt before our friends that we have stepped outside our motherland. The place is none other than Nepal.

Surrounded by mountains on all sides, which are known for being located at highest altitudes, this is a place of raw man-made architecture and serene natural sights. Mt. Everest and Annapurna hills play the role of one of the first reason for adventure seekers to visit Nepal. However, apart from these mountains, there are several other places which are worth visiting while being in this beautiful country. Here is a list of the most sacred and religious places to visit in Nepal:

Pashupatinath Temple:
Devotees of Lord Shiva from all over the world visit Pashupatinath temple which forms as the most respected temple of this god. Peacefully residing at the banks of Bagmati river, this place has been named after the god of animals and people have a huge divine connection for this sacred place.

Boudhanath Stupa:
After the invasion of Mughals in Nepal, there were certain changes happened in this country of which was the construction of the Boudhanath Stupa, which today is known for being the biggest stupa in Nepal. Today, this place has become a major beehive for Tibetan Buddhist and Nepalis which was used by them to reside since the Chinese invasion in the country.
Despite being quite damaged due to the earthquake in the past, this place will not fail to amaze with you the beautiful houses residing across the lanes near the stupa.

Having a great significance in the history of Ramayana, Janakpur is a place where thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit every day to unfold the mysteries this place packs in. Consisting of 500 years old Janaki temple, it is the destination where Sita was born and brought up and married Lord Ram. Hindu devotees or history enthusiasts, this place has something interesting for everyone.

Lumbini is known as the place where Gautam Buddha was born. Due to this, it is considered one of the holiest places in the religion of Buddhism. Situated at the corners of the Himayalan, Lumbini is famous for the Maya Devi temple situated at the center of the place.
Since it is the birthplace of Buddha and one of the four most sacred places of Buddhism, Lumbini encounters thousands of visitors every year.

Yet another place highly destroyed at the time of the earthquake, Patan still has too many temples with the finest art and handcraft architectures. Among which, Durbar square and Kumari temple are the reason it is famous for. Being one the largest cities of Nepal, Patan is a suburb of Kathmandu.
Apart from being called as Patan, It is also known as Lalitpur which means City of beauty. And, the place literally goes by its name for its Monument, temples, handmade crafts, and various other attractive shopping elements.

Before the 15th century, Bhaktapur was considered as the capital of Nepal during the Malla Kingdom. It was a town of Newar people and still, it has many citizens belonging to that community. Considered as one the world heritage sites by UNESCO, Bhaktapur consists of one of the most beautiful temples and architecture of Nepal and is the third the largest city in the country.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. There are many budget-friendly holiday destinations from India but Nepal is most amazing and has many sacred places to visit and the best part is visiting Nepal is visa-free and very inexpensive for Indians.


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