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Praveen S S – Founder & CEO Of Buyfie.

Interview with Mr.Praveen S S Founder & CEO Of  Buyfie

Buyfie – An Innovative social e-commerce marketplace for shoppers and stores to negotiate, buy & sell locally.

Q.How did you get your idea or concept for this business?
A. In 2016, I was about to buy a laptop from a nearby store in my city. When I googled laptop near my area I found out there is no such platform exists for providing e-commerce facility to buy products from nearby stores. So I thought this is an opportunity and I’ve discussed this idea with my brothers Pranav and Prabin and finally, we’ve reached the conclusion to develop a hyperlocal Online to Offline e-commerce platform to connect local stores, and we named it as Buyfie.

Buyfie is an innovative social e-commerce marketplace for shoppers and stores to negotiate, buy & sell locally. Buyfie is first to the market for goods or service based e-commerce local store or business network.
Online to Offline e-commerce, Chatbots, Visual e-commerce, facility to search nearest local stores or businesses by name and location, attractive storefront, business analytics by location, communication via chat and SMS, personalized logistics, digital marketing by location are the most unique and compelling features of Buyfie.

Buyfie selected as top 30 startups across the globe in in2Korea programme in 2017. Buyfie also got special mention award at IEDC Summit 2017. Buyfie is currently operating 6 cities in Kerala and Tamilnadu. Buyfie has already started sale in Kerala and Tamilnadu. Buyfie plans to launch all over India in the beginning of next year.

Q. What were the most difficult hurdles in establishing your venture?
A. It was very difficult to hire right professionals in the early days as we were started the business in a hyperlocal area. Later we managed to shift our business location to Special Economic Zone (Technopark, Trivandrum) with the help of Kerala Startup Mission.
Building a team is a very difficult task for us rather than getting clients. As we have done a lot of homework before meeting a client (shop owners/ sellers) it was relatively easy for us to make them understand the possibilities and advantages of our product, Buyfie.

Q. What qualities have you learned about leadership and entrepreneurship after becoming an entrepreneur?
A. Building and maintaining the team is very important.T he confidence of the team is an important factor for the success of a startup. Remaining calm in different situations is very important, positive thoughts and discussing every ideas and challenge with the team will really help entrepreneurs who are seriously looking forward to startup.

Q. After all this success, what do you struggle with now?
Finding out right investors is one of the biggest challenges that we are facing right now.

Q.Suggest  one of your most effective campaigns? What made them so effective?
A.  I believe digital marketing campaigns via social media are the most effective tool for startups.  Digital marketing eases the process of business as we do not have to deploy the manpower to go physically into the market and promote the product. Digital marketing is widely accepted because of its cost-effectiveness as compared to traditional marketing.

Q. As per your opinion what is further of Digital Marketing?               
A. I believe the future of digital marketing lies in deep analytics and data mining, such as AI and machine learning which is the latest trend in digital marketing and is termed a omnichannel marketing strategy.

What you would like to say about Kerala startup government mission?
A. Kerala government providing excellent support for startups through incubators like Kerala Startup Mission. Buyfie is currently an incubated project under Kerala Startup mission and also raised seed fund from Startup Mission. Kerala Startup mission helps the startups in Kerala from idea state to scaling up.

Name of the Startup: Buyfie Business Name: Axen Software Pvt Ltd
Founders: Praveen SS, Pranav SS, Prabin S S
Team Members: Praveen SS (CEO), Pranav SS (COO), Prabin SS(CTO), Anoop Krishnan (VP), Rajesh M (VP), Deepu V A (VP)

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