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‘My biggest achievement is manifesting my vision’ – Ms Rachna Puri – CoFounder – Vector Mob

'My biggest achievement is manifesting my vision' - Ms Rachna Puri - CoFounder - Vector Mob

Web Development and Digital Marketing are on the rise for quite a long time now and today we have a successful businesswoman with us Ms Rachna Puri who talks about her company Vector Mob and how one can compete in the digital media industry just by being themselves.

  • Tell us more about your company VectorMob?

Vectormob is a culmination of my passion and dreams. With a unique combination of technical, mobile, telecom and digital marketing Vectormob offers customized, ROI driven solutions to clients on digital platforms. We focus on out of box solutions that brands can connect with and the audience can relate to. Vectormob has an in-house technical team based in Mohali which relentlessly works on cutting edge technologies, Innovations, big data and analytics. The marketing and content team based in Mumbai works towards ideations, marketing strategies, content creation and various other marketing solutions that can help brands to be more effective in reaching out to their target audiences, We at Vectormob take special pride in our value system where clients satisfaction is of paramount importance and every individual in the company works towards giving his 100% and ensure high standards of service delivery.

We offer solutions across all sectors of digital marketing and customized technical solutions also to enhance and facilitate marketing related requirements.

  • How did you get your idea or concept for this business?

I come with 15 years of experience across Value-added services and telecom. When I started Vectormob in 2016 I wanted to create a USP for Vector where I could let passion and creativity come together to create something I would enjoy doing. I realized there is a gap between technical and marketing and if we can create a solution where we can use technology to make our marketing ideas more productive I will be able to offer unique offerings to my clients. And from there we started the journey of innovations, creations and some fun-filled campaigns. Our Motto is always to work with fun, learning and passion.

  • How do you cope up with the intense competition in your field of digital marketing and web development?

My competition is always with SELF. We at Vectormob strive to do our best every day. So my competition is always our self, with every new day, we plan to do better than yesterday. This approach has helped us focus on innovations and out of box ideas.

  • What ideas and techniques make Vector Mob stand out in the market?

I strongly believe that our differentiating approach lies in our self-motivated working techniques where we make the client our own and ideate to get the best results. We bring is just the right mix of technology and marketing ideas together to come up with something that will help brands to create connections with their audience and also get brands effective ROIs.

  • After all this success, what do you struggle with now?

I would not call anything in life a struggle but challenges that help us all to do better than yesterday. Since the focus is always on innovations and the way audience and clients also evolve every day it’s always a challenge to come up with newer ideas to keep up with this evolution. But that is what makes this journey fun also.

  • Who is your role model and why?

It’s difficult to take just one name as in different aspects of my life I am inspired by different people. In being grounded I am inspired by my husband, in being resilient by my mother, in being self-motivated and ensuring clear and clan business practices by my father and for thinking beyond and focusing on innovations and chasing dreams  Steve Jobs is my role model.

  • How do you plan to expand your business?

The key to expansion is to think big and yes we do think big. We invest a lot in Research and Development. We have cracked few very interesting platforms which will be released in the coming few months and will put Vectormob on a global stage in a very big way. One is the world’s first outbound Video calling solution and the second is Virtual Stage with gaming elements. We will be talking more about both platforms in the coming months.

  • What in your opinion will be your biggest achievement?

Manifesting my Vision.

  • Have you learnt about leadership and entrepreneurship after becoming an entrepreneur? What have you learnt?

I did start my professional career as an employee and worked for a couple of years but my heart was always in doing my things, create and be my boss. So my entrepreneurial journey started  20 years back and I have co-founded 5 companies in 5 years and every part of my journey has helped me learn many new things and I have evolved with every challenge, every success and every failure.

  • If you had one piece of advice to someone who is just starting his or her business, what would it be?

Nothing can beat the line- BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!  If your internal calling and conviction are strong, Universe will do everything to make your dreams come true. Starting your business is nothing less than an entire journey to create a wonderful stage of one’s beliefs, dreams and passions. This creation can only manifest when you sincerely believe in your ideas and power. Follow them and success will come.

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