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Nepal Evacuates 253 Students Stranded in Israel Amid War

Nepal Evacuates 253 Students Stranded in Israel Amid War

In a swift and commendable rescue operation, Nepal’s Foreign Minister N P Saud departed from Israel on Thursday, escorting 253 Nepali students who had been stranded in the midst of the multifront conflict initiated by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The surprise attack had left these students in a precarious situation in war-torn Israel.

A statement from Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the successful evacuation, stating, “Rescue aircraft has just taken off from Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv.” The Ministry expressed deep gratitude to the Israeli authorities for their prompt support in ensuring the safety of Nepali nationals. This support encompassed their movement to the airport, flight clearance, and other essential procedures.

The Ministry also acknowledged different organizations in Nepal for their continuous support and collaboration, which made this evacuation possible, and praised the Nepali Embassy in Tel Aviv for their unshakable efforts and unceasing efforts.

The flight, under the supervision of Foreign Minister Saud, is scheduled to land in Kathmandu at 1.30 am on Thursday. His return from Israel was on the same aircraft that carried the rescued students, marking a successful and heartening mission of bringing Nepali citizens to safety during these trying times.

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