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Places To Visit In Meghalaya – A Surreal Trip Into The Abode Of Clouds

The state of Meghalaya is known as “The Abode of Clouds,” which means “The Land of Clouds” in Sanskrit. Foggy hills, huge flora and fauna, orchids and mosses, root bridges, Himalayas, terraced slopes, caverns, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, forest, and dark-thrilling caves are all found in this mountainous Indian state. Meghalaya has drawn visitors from all over the world due to its frigid climate and gorgeous scenery. When early Europeans arrived here to escape the sweltering summer heat of the Assam and Bengal plains, it was dubbed “Scotland of the East.”

The state, which is home to the Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo tribes, is swamped with tartan in the shape of traditional handloom shawls. This is the only state in India that follows the matrilineal system, which implies that women own property and riches. Furthermore, rather than passing down money from father to son, all wealth is passed down from mother to daughter.

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It is a true delight to immerse oneself in Meghalaya’s unparalleled culture, sample the best of local food, and become lost in the natural beauty of the state. Plan the Unplanned has put together a 5-night, 6-day Meghalaya backpacking tour that will take you through all of the state’s highlights:

Shillong, the rock capital, Mawlynnong, Asia’s Cleanest Village, and Cherrapunjee, the Land of Rains, are all worth seeing. Today we will take a look at some of the best places to visit in Meghalaya.


Cherrapunji is known as one of the wettest places on earth since it receives the most rainfall throughout the year. Tourists travel from all over the globe to witness the Dain-Thlen, Kynrem, and Nohkalikai waterfalls, which are recognized as Cherrapunji’s most popular waterfalls. The town is home to some of Meghalaya’s most beautiful waterfalls. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Meghalaya

Living-Root bridges, Mawsmai cave, Seven Sisters Falls, Eco-park, and a cave garden are all popular attractions here. Because it is located in a forest, there are no luxury accommodations available; nonetheless, there are resorts in Meghalaya and some hotels amid nature that would be ideal for a visit with family and friends.

Happy Holidays – Cherrapunji | Lawyers Update Places To Visit In Meghalaya
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Balpakram National Park

If you’re in Meghalaya, make a point of visiting Balpakram National Park, which is known as a traveller’s paradise. Many people who come here to study the amazing biodiversity of Balpakram National Park refer to it as the “Land of Spirits.”

Animals such as the Red Panda, Wild Buffalo, Elephant, Tiger, Deer, Leopards, Wild Cows, Marbled Cat, and others may be seen here, making it a haven for wildlife aficionados and photographers. Lesser Panda, Indian Bison, and Sterow are examples of uncommon species. It is one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya.

Balpakram National Park, Meghalaya - Trans India Travels Places To Visit In Meghalaya
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Scotland of the East, Shillong is one of the most popular Meghalaya tourist places in the Northeast that is on everybody’s checklist. Far from the busy life, it has forested hills, a pleasant climate, scenic beauty which attracts many tourists from around the world.

Some of the famous tourist spots in Shillong include Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Lady Hydari Park, Wards, Lake, and Don Bosco Museum. The local tribes in Shillong are Khyrim, Mylliem, Maharam, Mallaisohmat, Bhowal, and Langrim.

Shillong is also considered the gateway to Meghalaya as the main airport of Meghalaya is in Shillong. You will find plenty of things to do in Shillong to make your holiday memorable.

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Elephant Falls

The evergreen Meghalaya which has dense forests spread out everywhere around the state is also known for its amazing waterfalls. Elephant Falls, the beauty of Meghalaya, has the elephant-like stone at its foot. One of the most popular falls in the North-East, visiting here is one of the best things to do in Meghalaya.

The majestic Elephant falls were alluded to as ‘Ka Kshaid Lai Patang Khohsiew’ by the nearby Khasi individuals, which signifies ‘The Three Step Waterfalls’, as these falls comprise three wonderful falls in progression. The first of the three waterfalls are tucked between the thick trees and are wide.

Elephant Falls, Shillong | Timing, Entry Fees, Photos, Tips
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Double-decker Living Root Bridges

Situated in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, a double-decker living root bridge is famous for its bridge made up of roots of an Indian rubber tree. The bridge is 3 km long at a height of 2400 feet. The most scenic experience is when the Umshiang river flows beneath the bridge and you are walking over it. It is the oldest natural bridge made around 200 years ago but only 50 people can be accommodated at one time. You have got to visit this place on your Meghalaya honeymoon.

The bridge begins at the town of Tyrna and crosses the Umshiang waterway during its adventure. Getting to the exact location is somewhat of a trek. The climb down to the bridge is an incredible 3500-3600 stages every route to the scaffold and once more from the base town of Tyrna, which is 20 kilometres from the principal town of Cherrapunjee. It is one of the top places to visit in Meghalaya.

A Trek to the Double Decker Root Bridge of Cherrapunjee | Saevus
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Kyllang Rock

Somewhere in the range of 78 km away from Shillong, an extraordinary giant rock made out of red stone, Kyllang Rock is situated in the West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. The Rock which is 5400 ft above sea level and has a width of around 1000 ft is a mammoth square of granite stone that is a piece of the Khasi fables and appears to be lovely in its shape.

A climb to the highest point of Kyllang Rock enables you to cherish the magnificent scene of the encompassing zone. Encompassed by age-old Red Rhododendrons, Kyllang Rock is said to have an uncommon attractive field. The mammoth dome is blocked off from its southern side but through the northern side, it is brimming with rhododendrons and shrubs.

Kyllang Rock - Reviews, Photos - Kyllang Rock - Tripadvisor Places To Visit In Meghalaya
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Every wildlife enthusiast should visit this spot that is only 4km from the town of Baghmara, the Baghmara Reserve Forest that is possessed with elephants, feathered creatures, and langurs. For the labyrinth lovers, there are the Siju caverns, the third-longest cavern framework in the Indian subcontinent comprising of endless mazes and chambers.

The wonderful limestone rock arrangement inside the caverns named the ‘Princess Di’s Chamber’ is especially sensational. Like this wasn’t sufficient, the Siju Bird Sanctuary offers to keep the winged creature fans snared with the rarest of species relocating here during the winters.

Meghalaya is the perfect destination for people who love mountains and seek some inner peace. If you are looking for some peace among the snowy mountains, you should definitely consider holidaying in Meghalaya. You won’t be disappointed.

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