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Plan a weekend getaway to the serene Kodaikanal


Take a trip to the misty hill station nestled in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu for a much-needed break from the bustling city life.

We all know how taxing adulting can be! Living in the city, constantly running around, one must need a break every once in a while. A getaway to Tamil Nadu’s Kodaikanal might be just what you need.

Often known as the ‘Princess of hills’, Kodaikanal’s dense jungles, cascading waterfalls, winding rivers, hill slopes and lush valleys have been leaving the travellers mesmerized for years. The scenic hill station is situated at an elevation of 7000 feet above sea level, alongside the crest of Palani hills. Although the weather here is cool and pleasant throughout the year, the mountains are at their best in the summer months of March to early June. 

Kodaikanal has always been a popular tourist destination known for being the ideal escape for people craving serenity and peace. Whether planning a solo trip for some solitude or going with family and friends, this South hill-town is the option to go for. From beautiful lakes to breathtaking viewpoints, an adventure seeker would be spoiled for choice. Below are all the places you need to know about to create the perfect itinerary for yourself:

  • Kodaikanal Lake: It is one of the go-to tourist destinations of Tamil Nadu. The star-shaped artificial lake was constructed in 1863 by Sir Vere Hentry Levinge, the collector of Madurai. The lake was built on an abandoned marshy land and is now a hotspot for travellers. Numerous activities like boating, fishing, etc can be done here.
Kodaikanal Lake
Source – Club Mahindra

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  • Coaker’s Walk: This man-made walk was built by Lt. Coaker in 1872. Every Kodaikanal visit is incomplete without a visit to Coaker’s walk. Stroll around under the soothing sun or sit down to take in the view of the green valley. 
Coaker's Walk
Source – Holidify
  • Berijam Lake: Fringed by a thick forest cover, Berijam lake is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kodaikanal. You just need to acquire a permit from the forest department (preferably a day before) to visit this scenic beauty. The nearby public’s source of drinking water is Berijam lake, due to which boating is prohibited here. Except for that, the place is ideal for a good stroll among vividly beautiful surroundings.
Berijam Lake
Source – Trip Advisor

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  • Pillar Rocks: The Pillar Rocks derived their name from three rocks standing almost vertically, high and mighty piercing the sky with a height of 400 feet. With fog and mist playing around occasionally with the rocks, the place has stunning views to offer. 
Pillar Rocks
Source – Make My Trip
  • Pine Forest: This Kodaikanal forest was cultivated by Mr. Bryant about a century ago. One of the most visited places in the hill station, the Pine Forest attracts a huge number of tourists every year owing to its sight of numerous pine trees standing tall in unison. The very sight of these trees along with the chirping of birds is enough to mesmerise anyone.
Pine Forest
Source – Holidify

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  • Mannavanur Lake: One of the offbeat tourist attractions to visit, Mannavanur Lake is situated in a small village of the same name. After crossing small yet captivating streams and waterfalls, this serene water body would welcome you. While there isn’t much to do, sitting on the lake side and doing nothing must be enough for you to have relaxation at its best.
Mannavanur Lake
Source – Sterling Holidays
  • Lake View Point:  This particular viewpoint attracts tourists because of its grand view of Kodai lake along with the vast greens surrounding it. It is also known as the Upper Lake View Point and is a must-visit for witnessing the beautiful star-shaped Kodai lake in all its glory.
Lake View Point
Source – Trip Advisor
  • Poombarai Village View: If you are an adrenaline junkie who loves scenic hikes, a trip to the Poombarai Village viewpoint is a must. Gaze at the terraced valleys while clouds surround them, offering picturesque views. Poombarai village is known for producing garlic and is located 1920 metres above the sea level. Do not forget to taste its local produce like carrots and beans.
Poombarai Village View Kodaikanal
Source – Kodai Cab
  • Bryant Park: This botanical garden is located close to the Kodai lake and was created by a British army officer by the name of Glen Bryant. With over 325 species of trees, shrubs, and succulents, the view of this garden is that of a rainbow of flowers all blooming together. Its 160-year old Eucalyptus is a major attraction among the tourists.
Bryant Park
Source – Holidays Zone
  • Silent Valley View: Visiting the Silent Valley View Point in early mornings or late evenings is definitely going to give you a sight to remember. Mountains, clouds, and the surrounding flora make the place definitely worth visiting.
Silent Valley View Kodaikanal
Source – Trip Advisor
  • Guna Caves: Named after the Kamal Hassan starrer movie, Guna, these caves are a must visit place for both nature lovers and adventurers. The surrounding area is a popular hiking trail and makes for a great morning hike.
Guna Caves
Source – Tourmet
  • Chettiar Park: This serene green garden is awash with rare species of flowers and perfectly manicured plants. Chettiar Park is a widespread tourist attraction due to its exquisiteness and its Kurunji flowers that bloom once in 12 years are one of the main reasons for the same.
Chettiar Park Kodaikanal
Source – Trip Advisor
  • Bear Shola Falls: A part of the Parappar River Stream, the Bear Shola Falls is a sight to remember. The cascading waterfall lies in the heart of a forest reserve untouched by human meddling. Visit the falls to rejuvenate your senses in every manner.
Bear Shola Falls Kodaikanal
Source – Tamilnadu Tourism

So what are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and take a trip (don’t forget your mask, though)!

Feature Image Credits – Club Mahindra

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