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Prof. Rachana Chakraborty – Educator, Writer, & Founder of CVMD

Prof. Rachana Chakraborty, a committed senior lecturer with over 21 years of experience at leading academic institutions teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Possessing excellent administrative, verbal communication and written skills along with constructive and effective teaching methods that promote a stimulating learning environment.

Q. Will you take us through your journey of becoming the source of inspiration to many mothers?

A. Born in a family with a loving and caring sister. Lost father at a very young age of eleven years and hence only was brought up by my mother who became my inspiration and also my role model. Seeing my mom taking a stand for us I too was inspired to do something for my tribe and hence started to educate the youngsters where I confronted many moms who were depressed and hence started with my group CVMD wherein we try to empower the women by making them realize their inner strength. This we do it by providing an open non-judgemental platform wherein all the women are allowed to share their story. We also train the women to talk freely about their health by conducting Panel of discussion with all the eminent doctors.

This was recognized by the country and was awarded the Noble Asian Award on 15th August 2018. Hence with a small initiative of voicing along with my mother at the tender age of eleven till being the director of my group CVMD my journey was like a roller-coaster ride.

Q. What made you choose this profession?

A. The increasing depression in the women made me take up this new challenge from an Educator to a Social Worker.

Q. Who is the role model in your life?

A. Without a second thought…MY MOTHER.

Q. Describe your discipline and education philosophy.

A. My first love is to teach and help them learn to choose desirable behaviors instead of unacceptable ones. When students make the wrong choices, I seek to help redirect, and guide. My goal is that young hearts are changed in order to make better choices.

Q. What does women empowerment mean to you?

A. Women Empowerment is the key to economic growth, political stability, & social transformation. Encouraging women to be self-reliant, have a positive self-esteem and generate confidence to face any difficult situation and initiate active participation in various socio-political development endeavors.

Q. Give an example of when you have improved teaching and learning in the classroom and how you knew you had been successful?

A. Actually, there are various examples which I would love to share where I had tried to implement innovative techniques to create interest in the children. But just want to share the latest experience, it so happened when the F.YJC. Joined college and I started to teach normally each class has 120 students and I due to back to back lectures is not able to raise my voice much and when I asked the class, ”Am I audible?” The class said unitedly, ”Yes”.But after some time I saw one by one all the students shifting to the front benches and finally it so happened that some of them started sitting down so basically all the back benches were empty. I really felt bad for the students and told them that I would try to raise my voice but, to my surprise, they all told that they were comfortable there and that they would sit down every day if there was no front bench as they didn’t want to miss any part of my explanation. That was really very touching moment for me.

Q. Your message to the world.

A. Just a small quote which Steve Jobs said “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

Prof. Rachana Chakraborty has become a source of inspiration to many women in society be it home-makers or working mothers. She acts as a catalyst who boost up their energy to live their passion and follow their dreams.

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