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Russia-Ukraine war: attacks on Russian enlistment offices signal dissatisfaction with war, says UK – as it happened

The British Ministry of Defense believes that the increase in arson attacks on Russian military authorities “is highly likely due to a greater sense of dissatisfaction with the war among the Russian population”. Since the start of the war in February 2022, there have been 220 attacks on Russian military authorities, including 113 in the last six months.

Russia has launched drone and missile strikes targeting civilian and critical infrastructure in large swathes of Ukraine, Kyiv’s air force said on Sunday. Preliminary information showed no casualties in the attacks, but Russia and Ukraine have increased their airstrikes on the other country’s territory in recent months, targeting critical military, energy, and transport infrastructure. The air force said on the Telegram messaging app that Russia attacked the central Poltava region with two ballistic missiles fired from the Iskander ballistic missile system and three surface-to-air missiles over the Donetsk region in the east.

Defense Ministry officials conspired with employees of a Ukrainian arms firm to embezzle nearly $40 million intended to buy 100,000 mortar shells, Ukraine’s security service said. Five people were charged, with one person detained while trying to cross the Ukrainian border. Corruption has been a major obstacle to Kyiv’s bid to join the European Union and NATO, with officials from both blocs demanding sweeping anti-bribery reforms before Kyiv joins them.

Beauty giant Avon has been criticized for its ties to Russia, despite the ongoing war. At the start of the conflict, the firm said it was halting investment in Russia, where it has a large worker base, and ending exports from its Russian factory to other parts of the world. But a BBC investigation found the company is still recruiting new sales representatives in Russia, offering recruits prizes, cash bonuses, and even vacations for hitting targets, the broadcaster reported.
Hacker group NoName05716 says it is preparing to target the Ukrainian government with the help of other hacker groups 22С, Skillnet, CyberDragon, Federal Legion, People’s Cyber​​​​Army, and Phoenix.

Image Source: The Telegraph

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