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Seems difficult to stay healthy during monsoon? Follow these steps

Monsoon is an escape from the hot summers and no doubt why it is our favourite season of the year. The monsoon months bring a lot of pleasant memories as well as some unpleasant illnesses too. The unpleasant illnesses can be called seasonal illnesses. And they are cholera, diarrhoea, malaria, typhoid, and many more.

The rains actually give us a break from our fast-moving busy schedule, isn’t it? We might be hurriedly going for a meeting without admiring the freshly bloomed flower in our garden and that is when the rains happen. During that time, we might get to spend a few minutes being calm, admiring the beauty of the flower, and showing some love for nature, which might be lacking in our day-to-day life. And someday later, maybe on our way home, we may smile at that special morning when the rain happened and may miss that special flower.

That is absolutely good, walking down memory lane is always best for us. But what we shouldn’t miss out on during these monsoon months is the safety of our health, body, and mind. Cannot deny the fact but with memories, rains bring the possibility of catching a common cold, the possibility of getting more mosquito bites than any other time of the year, cholera, etc. This monsoon let’s try to be healthy and do our part for our own safety. Remember, precaution is better than cure. Samachar live brings to you the ways in which one can be healthy during this rainy season.

  • Clean your surrounding

This is the first and foremost thing to have a healthy monsoon season. Step out of your homes, go around your house and try to remove all the sources of stagnant water. We all have learnt in our younger classes that stagnant water becomes a source for the mosquitoes to breed and multiply and one of them can cause malaria as well. Why take a chance right? So, this weekend, go around your house and do a thorough checking and get the place neat and clean and rid of mosquitoes. If needed, use mosquito repellents and nets if there are any still.

  • Drink pure water

It is always said that people drink less water during monsoon season. But we should understand that irrespective of the season, we should consume a lot of water and keep our bodies hydrated. Not just that, make it a point to drink pure and safe water. In case of travelling, do not forget to carry your own bottle of water.

  • Say no to pre-cut vegetables and fruits

Monsoon is also a season which gives birth to germs and bacteria around us. Though it is tempting to eat pre-cut vegetables and fruits from the street shops, try avoiding them during the monsoon. Bacteria and germs tend to get accumulated in such veggies and fruits. Similarly, while buying leafy vegetables, ensure that a thorough wash is given to the leaves.

  • Vitamin C intake

As to improve our immunity during the season, intake of vitamin C is a good option. Most of the allergic reactions and viral infections occur during this time and to be protected, vitamin C helps to an extent. For rich vitamin C, consume fresh vegetables, sprouts, lemons, and oranges.

  • Use of disinfectant

Not just during the pandemic time, but in normal times also washing your hands and face and keeping them clean helps in keeping you away from most the infections. Such a practice should be continued now as well. Adding disinfectant to the bathwater helps in this above-mentioned process. There are chances of dirt getting deposited on the dress and body while returning home from work or school and the best way to be free from the germs is to take bath. If that is done with some disinfectants, the better.

Featured Image Source: US Times Now

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