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Shalini Thackeray – True Definition of Empowered Woman Who Empowers Other Women

A woman who speaks her mind and is extremely fearless like a lioness defines Shalini Thackeray. On this women’s day, we celebrate Shalini Thackeray’s courage and gracefulness which she carries with her. In today’s generation, she holds herself with the utmost dignity and pride yet she always stand for women related issues of society.

Shalini Thackeray is a Punjabi born in Uttar Pradesh. She has studied in MBA in marketing from Massachusetts – have made her realize the importance of better coordination among elected representatives at the municipal, assembly and parliament levels to resolve people’s problems efficiently. 

Shalini is the first daughter-in-law from the politically powerful Maharashtrian family to enter the heat and dust of electoral politics. She is the wife of Jeetendra Thackeray, a cousin of Raj Thackeray. Going around her supporters of Mumbai North West, meeting people from all walks of life, she seeks to dispel many myths about herself and her chosen party. Shalini Thackeray has spoken about a lot of issues and also implemented them.

She rallied around various issues concerning women of India. Shalini Thackeray has voiced about the triple talaq, she stated that “The issue of triple talaq should have been raised prior, but as we have seen over the years, anything relevant to women’s issues is always put on the backburner. We still do not give women’s problems the kind of consideration they deserve. Before the elections, every party speaks about fighting for women’s rights, but when they come to power, they only debate about it without taking any firm action.”

Shalini Thackeray met Union finance minister Arun Jaitley in New Delhi and urged him to do away with GST and other cesses with regard to the “environment-friendly” sanitary napkins. Her objective was to provide the sanitary napkins to schoolgirls at a subsidized rate of just Rs 5 per pack. 

Shalini Thackeray also raised questions about problems faced by the common people and the economic crisis happened during the BJP government’s tenure. People are suffering due to the various decisions taken by the government like hastily implemented GST and demonetization campaign.” she quoted. she continued, To recover losses on account of the wrong economic policies, the government is hiking tax rates and fuel prices. If the government is not hearing the voice of opposition parties we are bound to take an aggressive step as Raj Thackeray has been raising voice on such issues since a long time,”

Shalini is spearheading “My Right to Clean Toilet” initiative in Mumbai. Under this initiative, she aims to provide the women of Mumbai clean and hygienic toilets. She owns a production house ‘Cinemantra’ which released movies like ‘Love Sonia’ which was also based on true events related to women and child trafficking. 

She raised voice against Women Empowerment issue where she stated, “I still feel there is only talk and not much action is happening. We have a very good set of laws but the problem is that these laws are not implemented properly and we are talking about making new laws. Women’s security is one of the most important issues and you will be able to create some difference only when whoever commits the crime is punished immediately.”

Shalini Thackeray defines Women Empowerment and the voice of today’s generation. She has marked a range in the youth and she stated a beautiful message for the youth that is “My message for the youth is that they should be alert and aware citizens. You are the future and you need to be a part of the political system. You need to take an interest in the machinery that runs the state and the country. When you get up in the morning and till you sleep at night, everything is governed by policymakers as they make the laws and policies that ultimately affect our lives. So youth of today need to be much more proactive than ever before”.

We salute Shalini Thackeray for her fearless attitude, courage, confidence, supportive, and women of this generation who speaks her mind without any inhibition.

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