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Shikha Bhangadia – Founder and Creative Head Of Shibhana.

Shikha Bhangadia – Founder and Creative Head Of Shibhana.

Q. About you (As an individual)
I am a qualified MBA in human resources management and am working as a partner in a company that provides HR solutions. As a person, I am a keen observer, especially of style and fashion. This trait of mine helped me immensely in the venture I started in 2014.

Q.Struggle & Success story
From my college days in Delhi, I had a knack for dressing up and was the final styling authority of my family before every occasion in the book. My college days helped in moulding my goal of being a trendsetter. Although I was a successful human resource professional, I was impatient and wanted to chalk out an identity of my own. After considering various options, I decided to make use of my passion and a huge interest in fashion to spur my own venture. It was and is a lot of hard work. I spent considerable time before taking the plunge by visiting malls and other places which people frequent, observing styles and trends. I did some research too and when I was ready I just took the risk and started. My business approach helped me in taking the decision and running the venture.

Building the business was not easy, especially in the face of stiff competition and changing styles and demands of the customer. However, perseverance and determination saw me through the initial stages. This spirit must be sustained in the future also to be abreast of competition or ahead of it. When you have a passion, the passion becomes your mantra. For me, my brand is a passion, a dream come true. I want to take it forward and make it a household name, symbolizing the modern woman. The “real moment” was when I decided to take the plunge. There were moments of apprehension. Having said that, the encouragement of family and friends enabled me to take the decision.

Q. Your message to the world
My message is simple. Do what you want to and enjoy doing. When there is passion, backed up by the dedication and hard work, things have to work ou

Q. What is your business into? / Brief introduction about your business?
A. Shibhana is an Indo-western clothing label and is all about simple shapes, impeccable finish and maximum feasibility, tinged with grace and elegance. Every dress that has the label Shibhana is unique, appealing and most of all, a statement of class. Shibhana’s collection includes designer and affordable cocktail dresses, sarees, blouses, and dupattas for every occasion in the book. In my collection, I mainly focus on simplicity, elegance, and value for money that proves to be a winning combination in the long run.

Q. Why did you choose to start this (specific) business?
As I said, I have a keen interest in fashion and style and decided to utilize this to advantage

Q. How do you manage to stand better and unique in terms of competition?
This question should be answered by people who have tested various brands. However, I will explain how we try to stay unique.  Shibhana tries to individually design each dress for the occasion whether it is bridal dress, a cocktail western dress, a saree or a lehenga. Majestic black, wine, blue and rustic gold and sheer fabrics are the focus pieces of Shibana’s couture collection

Q. From whom you got inspired for this profession?
Success stories like Anita Dongre’s, who started from humble beginnings, were my inspiration.

Q. How you will advise today’s youth generation about this designing profession?
This is an exciting world and there is never a dull moment for people who venture into this profession. The space in fashion and style is so vast that there is space for many players.  My mantra that I would like to share with aspiring designers is:

  • Believe in yourself – don’t give up on something you truly believe in.
  • Love your work and work where you love.
  • Never lose hope. Good times will come soon.






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