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Siddharth breaks silence on pro-Kannada groups disrupting ‘Chithha’ Bengaluru event

Siddharth’s ‘Chithha’ was released in theaters on September 28 in three languages. The film was directed by SU Arun Kumar and delivered a message about child abuse.

When Siddharth landed in Bengaluru last week to promote the film, his press conference was interrupted by pro-Kannada groups. He left the event to avoid escalating the issue further. In an Instagram live session, he said that (as a producer) he suffered a huge loss.

On October 5, the ‘Chithha’ team gathered at Chennai’s Prasad Labs for the film’s success event. After the event, Siddharth spoke to the media and broke his silence on the pro-Kannada group disrupting his press conference in Bengaluru.


Siddharth’s ‘Chithha’ has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The film is about child abuse and how a family copes with it.

Speaking to the media, Siddharth said about the incident. He said, “There was no bandh on September 28. We had booked and paid money for a private auditorium to hold our press conference that day. Suddenly a few people walked in and you all saw what happened there.” Many lies were spread that we held a press conference on the day of the bandh in Bengaluru for our selfish interests. Nothing like that happened. There was no bandh that day. The bandh happened the next day. No one had any legitimate reason for me to stop working that day. We didn’t do anything wrong.’

Explaining why he kept quiet about the incident, he said, “The reason I didn’t talk about the incident till now is that instead of talking about ‘Chithha’, which is one of the best films I’ve done in my life he worked life, as your first question you are asking me unrelated things. I am very disappointed with this. I’m talking about it today because it’s a press conference and you’ve all been asking me about it.”


After the incident, Kannada superstars Shiva Rajkumar and Prakash Raj apologized to him. “After this incident, several seniors apologized to me publicly because of their big heart. Mr. Shiva Rajkumar is a very big and senior person. So is Mr. Prakash Raj. They apologized and said they didn’t like it.” the way we were insulted in their condition. I can’t accept their apology because they never did anything wrong. I see the support they have given me as a beautiful thing. There was no need for Mr. Prakash Raj or Shivanna to do it. Yet they did it. So I want to express my gratitude for their kindness and big hearts. There is no problem between all of us. We all bathe in the water of the same river. We are all one. I have no connection with Politika around this issue. I haven’t talked about it in 20 years. So I don’t think I have to talk about it all of a sudden now,” he explained.

“I hope this doesn’t happen to any other filmmaker in the future. Let’s put politics aside. I can promote my film the day it comes out. The day you ask me why I’m doing my job, when there’s a serious problem, like somebody, who invested money in the film, what answer can I give? No one from the Tamil Nadu Producers Council (TFPC) spoke to me about this. In a press conference, when asked about it, they said there was no need to comment further because people like Shiva Rajkumar sir have already apologized. But it is important that they talk about it so that such things don’t happen to any other Tamil filmmakers,” he remarked.

Siddharth concluded by saying, “Only 10 people caused trouble that day. There is no problem between me and people watching films in Karnataka. There is no problem between me and the industry. Maybe because of some evil eye, such a thing happened. I am not someone who will use the incident to promote his film. For me, my film is important. Everyone is celebrating ‘China’. I hope you all do the same.”

Directed by SU Arun Kumar, ‘Chithha’ stars Siddharth, Nimisha Sajayan, and Baby Sahasra Sree in lead roles. The film was released in theaters on September 28 and received a lot of love and appreciation from the audience.

Image Source: The Hindu

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