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Snowy Manali – Months to get Snow, Places to Visit, Things to do

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Snow has always been very fascinating for a lot of people. People love to play with snow, make a snowman, shoot each other with ice balls. And high mountain peaks covered with snow hits different. This mesmerizing view will not only capture your mind but is a paradise for people who love snow. And when we talk about mountains and snow together. What’s better than Manali.

Manali is a very popular hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. Being in the north of the country, Manali is covered with The Himalayan range of mountains. This keeps the temperature of the hill station cool throughout the years. Temperature goes in minus during the winter season.

When does it snow in Manali?

Winters are considered to be the best time to visit Manali. The months of November, December, January, and February are perfect for traveling in hills. Winters in Manali experience heavy snowfall. People who witness such scenery claims that it looks like heaven on earth. Huge mountains covered with snow can be mental therapy for you. Hence, you can see snow during these months in Manali. This place in winters is mostly surrounded by honeymooners. Also, there is this very famous festival known as “Winter carnival”. It is one of the most popular attractions among tourists. It’s a blast of culture and celebration. Students and cultural groups massively participate from various colleges of India. The festival is held at ‘Manu Kala Kendra’ in Manali. This festival goes on for 5 days and offers a five-day feast to the visitors.

For the people who crave snow and winters, Manali is their paradise in winters. As Manali is in the northern region of our country, it stays cool throughout the year. In winters, the temperature falls down from 0 degrees Celsius to minus 9 degrees Celsius. At adventure spots like Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley, you can easily witness snowfall. Hence, you can make snowman and snow fairies fulfilling your childhood wishes. Not only this but there are a lot of activities to do in Manali if you are coming here in the Winter Season.

Solang Valley

Solang Valley is at the top of Kullu valley, around 14 kilometers away from the main resort town Manali on the way to Rohtang pass. This place is very popular among tourists for its adventurous sports. Precisely, this place offers parachuting, paragliding, skating, skiing, and zorbing depending on the weather’s favorability. In Winters you can enjoy activities like ice skating and skiing. Sloping down on snow-covered slopes with your skis while enjoying the cold waves and beautiful view is a mesmerizing experience.

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Gulaba is situated at a height of 4,300 meters and is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The best time to visit this place is in December when Rohtang Pass is closed for the public due to heavy snowfall in Manali. You can see the mesmerizing mountain view covered with snow. You can enjoy activities like trekking and paragliding here. The ideal time required to enjoy this place is one day.

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is also known as the snow point of Manali. People across the country visit this place to enjoy some breathtaking activities during the summer season. Due to unfavourable cold weather, Rohtang Pass is closed for the public from the month of October to May. This place is around 51 kilometers away from Manali and at an altitude of 3,979 meters above sea level. Hence, in Winters, the mountains in Rohtang pass are completely covered with snow.

Manali Mall Road

Manali mall road is in the center of the tourist town. It is popular for its beautiful view, especially during snowfall. All the hopes and cafes look so beautiful when covered with snow. It is one of the busiest places on this hill station. A large number of hotels, local shops, restaurants, and also emporiums throughout the walkway. It is one of the top places to experience heavy snowfall in Manali.

Beas Kund

The Beas Kund is regarded as a holy lake is located in the Kullu Valley. Also, it is the source of River Beas. Religious believes states that Rishi Vyas used to take his daily bath in the water of this lake. This lake is rested at an altitude of 3,650 meters in the lap of Mt. Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters. This trek is not that difficult to take over. Any age group can complete this trek. No specific trekking experience is required to complete this trek. Hence, you can join this way with your family too. Snaking and passing through the Solang valley the trail to Beas Kund offers an incredible experience and the journey is filled with many surprises at each turn. 

The Beas Kund Trek is one of the easiest treks in the Himachal Himalayan region. It is also one of the shortest treks that take only around 3 days to end. The Beas Kund Trek starts from Manali and leads to Dhundi at 3,150 meters via Solang Nallah. The trek gets a bit difficult after Solang Nallah as it faces a gradual climb of 5-6 hours.

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Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake trek

This trek route is one of the most popular amongst travelers. Hampta is the easternmost pass on the Pir Panjal range which divides the valleys of Lahoul, Spiti, and Kullu. Also, This trek route is the shortest line between the Chandra and Beas rivers. This way was considered way too much before the road over the Rohtang Pass was constructed. This path is surrounded by beautiful Himalayan peaks like Deo Tibba, Indra Asan, and Indra Kila.

First, reach Manali, drive to Prini. Trek starts through Prini village, ascending to Jobdi Nala via taxi offers an extensive view of the Kullu valley. An easy walk of two hours to the campsite just after the road head. The trail begins flat from Jobri Nala to Chika walking through the forest of Mapple, Silver Fir, Pine, and Oak, paved by the grass and stone and fields of the wildflowers. You can have tea on your way some refreshment.

Vashishth Temple

Vashisht temple is a popular tourist destination. This temple was founded by Guru Vashisht who was the sole guru (teacher) of Lord Ram and Lord Laxman. It is at a distance of 3.5 km from Manali Bus Stand. The village of Vashisht was named after Rishi Vashisht one of the seven sages of Hindu. It is believed that this temple is 4000 years old. Inside the temple, there is a black stone image of the Rishi wearing dhoti. 


Naggar is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Manali. People visiting Manali come to see the beauty of art and miniature paintings. Basically, Naggar is a huge castle with incredible artwork and paintings. It is like a paradise for art and craft enthusiasts. This rich art castle is located at the bank of river Beas because of which people prefer this place.

Naggar is also known for its beautiful scenic view and sliding landscapes that make it a dream come true for couples. Tripura Sundari and Gauri Shankar temples in Naggar are must-visits.

Hence, Manali during snowfall is no less than a paradise. You can come here to enjoy yourself with your friends or family. But don’t forget to carry woollen clothing with you. During this time, you may get hotels at quite reasonable rates as this season is off-season due to extremely cold weather.

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