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Sometimes Kid Sometimes Mentor – My Hubby

Marriage can be the most important and fulfilling relationship in a person’s life but it only happens when two people are equal partners. This does not mean they do the same things or have the same qualities. It means equally involved and equally responsible.

Sometimes my husband behaves just like a kid. His hobbies include staring at the gadgets most of the time. He is addicted to video games where he can spend hours, sitting at a place. No movement no exercise. I need to help him for any occasions as the clothes are messed up which are arranged for different occasions. I need to remind him where things to be kept properly at home. He would rather stay up and watch a stupid TV show than going to bed at a proper time. He needs to be reminded to not eat junk food when he goes out with his friends.  He hides his sprouts or sometimes veggies to the side of the plate hoping as if I won’t notice them. He forgets to hang up his towel. No filing of important documents as it is not his work. While searching one paper bring the cupboard down, doing things until the last moment.

He leaves the wrapper of the ice cream bar or other food items on the table or on couch forgetting to throw it in the dustbin. After coming home from the office or playing with children he’s not interested in having a bath as he feels lazy and tired not giving importance to health and hygiene. At times he is so hungry while coming from outings that he will be first to have food which is kept ready for children. Clothes and socks never to be kept for washing.

During illness his behavior becomes childish. Not able to tolerate pain. Avoiding medicines because of its bad taste. Throwing so much of tantrums etc. He pretends as if there is nothing more important to worry besides his health. But still no medicines, no healthy food and lots of concerns from me.

I sometimes feel as if I have 3 kids, one of them is an over-grown child of my mother-in-law.

But most of the times he behaves like my mentor

His actions speak as he is the head of the family. All financial decisions relating to investments, major expenses to be done are under his guidance only. Tours and picnics are to be arranged as per his timetable. Some decisions are imposed on us and he tells the way also to follow. If some new applications on the mobile are to be downloaded he will act as a mentor and teach us how to operate. While driving car dozen of instructions is given from time to time.

He gives valuable guidelines while discussing the home budget, color of curtains, painting work to be done. At times when I am depressed, feeling emotionally weak he acts as a guide as for how to deal with it.

Good marriages require patience, kindness, sacrifice, empathy, understanding, hard work, humility, forgiveness and most importantly trust & love.

Sometimes I feel irritated and frustrated but most of the time, I love to see him behave like a kid. Though I am dependent on him always but as a kid he depends on me for every small things which I feel proud of. Even we feel good when we are pampered, so this rule implies with him as well. Our partner should be treated as we want to be treated. If this rule is followed our marriage will be a success. I always love you when you are a small kid or when you are my mentor.

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