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Sonia Gandhi accuses BJP of spreading ‘virus of communal hatred’

Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Thursday, April 23, said that the coronavirus has increased disturbingly in the country over the last few weeks but still, the Narendra Modi-led central government acted upon her suggestions in “only partially and in a miserly way”. Addressing an online Congress Working Committee meeting, Sonia Gandhi said that the Modi government has failed to show alacrity in containing the pandemic.

“I offered our constructive cooperation & suggestions…Unfortunately, they have been acted upon only partially and in a miserly way. The compassion, large-heartedness and alacrity from the Central Government is conspicuous by its absence,” she said.

The Congress president said that despite repeated reminders to the prime minister, testing of coronavirus patients was low in the absence of sufficient testing kits. “We have repeatedly urged the Prime Minister that there is no alternative to Testing, Trace and Quarantine. Unfortunately, testing still remains low and testing kits are still in short supply and of poor quality. PPE kits number and quality is poor,” Gandhi said.

Sonia Gandhi raised the issue of migrant workers, who are left without jobs, shelter and food due to the lockdown and said that they should be provided food and financial security to survive this crisis.

“Migrant laborers are still stranded, jobless and desperate to return home. They have been hit the hardest. They must be provided with food security and a financial safety net in order to survive this period of crisis,” she said.

BJP spreading “virus of communal hatred”

The chief of India’s main Opposition party also launched a scathing attack on BJP and accused the saffron party of spreading the “virus of communal hatred”. She said that the BJP has done a great damage to the social harmony of the country and that it will take a lot of hard work to repair that.

“Let me also share with you something that should worry each and every one us Indians. When we should be tackling the coronavirus unitedly, the BJP continues to spread the virus of communal prejudice and hatred. Grave damage is being done to our social harmony. Our party, we will have to work hard to repair that damage,” she added. Dailyhunt

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