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Strict compliance of guidelines with animal slaughter laws during Bakri Ed – Madras HC

The Madras high court releases a guidelines with animal slaughter laws on upcoming Bakri Ed and ensure the strict compliance of the same.
The court was dealing with a plea raising apprehension on animals may be slaughtered during Bakri Eid in public places and in violation of applicable laws, including animal slaughter rules and COVID-19 norms.
The guidelines issued by the government are-
• Notification made provision for the establishment of slaughterhouses and slaughter of even “permitted” category is not allowed at another places.

• Prohibited category includes camels, cows cannot be slaughtered anywhere.
• Animals can be slaughtered only in “duly recognized, approved and licensed” slaughterhouses.
• Tamil Nadu Government is notify to adhere to the rules and observance of Eid-Al-Adha, or Bakri Eid.
“… particularly in Covid-19 period… it is all the more necessary to implement these rules, guidelines in a more stringent manner and public gatherings or slaughtering at public places is avoided at all costs” says Madras HC

Jamia Nizamia, the world renowned Islamic Seminary in Hyderabad had declare that they will not accept the donation of skin of the sacrificial animal this year because of the Covid-19 outbreak . This step was taken to prevent the spread of virus, and major step may reduce the number of slaughtered animals.
As a practice Muslims donate the skin of the sacrificial animal to Islamic schools or seminaries to facilitate the education of the students pursuing their religious courses in the institution. The management of the schools sell the hide to traders and use the money to take care of the regular expenditure.
Before parting with the order, the Bench also added, “we would also urge the leaders in society, like political leaders and religious leaders and other social activists, as stated by the First Prime Minister of our country Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru that ‘Real kindness comes from a sense of friendship with animals’, to propagate the idea of friendliness with animals and non violence to them and the good message and spirit…”

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