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‘Strongest Indian ambassador’: Top Biden officials hail Jaishankar as ‘architect’ of modern India-US ties

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar was hailed by senior Biden officials as the “architect” of the current India-US relationship, as they termed the relationship between the two countries as one of the most reliable partners.

This came after Jaishankar said that India and the US see each other as “desirable, ideal and convenient partners”.

Speaking at a special reception for Jaishankar by India’s ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, senior adviser to US President Joe Biden, Neera Tandon said that Jaishankar is one of the strongest ambassadors India has ever had. Tandon, a prominent Indian American in the White House, said Jaishankar was a “true and fierce” advocate of US-India relations and US-India cooperation.

He also said that Indian Americans are now working in important positions in the administration. “Actually, you can’t hit American Indians by throwing stones at the White House,” Neera Tandon told the crowd.

“Our community has matured and realized that we can participate and contribute in some way. I think the strength of that relationship and the strength of the democratic relationship that we entered into is really based on the US-India relationship. It’s an honor to be here with Foreign Minister Jaishankar , who is a great leader on many issues and has recognized the important power of society over the years,” he said.

Image Source: News9live

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