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Tawang – A blissful heaven on earth

tawang, sela pass, tawang arunachal pradesh

Have you ever come across this name or place?

Well, if you haven’t then you are missing a lot. Tawang is a small town in Arunachal Pradesh. I had an opportunity to visit this beautiful place filled will snowcapped mountains of Himalayas when I lived in Assam.

If you have ever been to a northeast hill station, you will notice that the people there are extremely sweet and welcoming. You won’t realize that you are away from your home. They sort of having a really warm effect on all their loved ones and especially for tourists.

The entire city of Tawang is placed beautifully up the hills. When you reach there for the first time on the bottom of the mountain, you can see medium-sized houses right above you distributed to so many mountains ahead. All houses look traditional and some of them are even made out of wood.

You can visit these places along with wandering about the snow mountains, honestly, that is the only thing that I wanted to see in Tawang – SNOW!

  • Tawang Monastery

Did you know Tawang is the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso?

Tawang Monastery is located 3,000 metres above sea level – people also call it Golden Namgyal. It is the 2nd largest monastery in the world.

The roots of this monastery go back to 4 centuries and this huge mansion is a home for over 300 monks.

  • Sela Pass

It is the apt location you have to visit when you are in Tawang. People of Tawang call Sela Pass as the lifeline for their lives. It is the only pass that connects Tawang District of the state to the rest part of the country. The entire pass is an ecstatic and gorgeous view of the Himalayas and this rocky pass will also lead you to Sela Lake.

The altitude of this pass and the lake is around 4170 meters. You will have the best experience of your life when you stand at the lake and see the eastern Himalayas all covered with snow and a frozen lake in front of you (if you visit in winters), you are transported to a different world where there is only beauty of nature, peace and you. Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

People also visit the China Border when they visit Tawang. We also tried to but that day the snow was immense and the roads were blocked. You can see China on the other side of this town!

Make sure you are well when you reach the top of these mountains, most of the tourists face breathlessness because of high altitude.

I hope my little travelogue will inspire you to visit Tawang at least once in your life.

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