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The Provocations And Challenges Faced In Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence a popular term in the technology world which is related to machine learning and develop itself as a human mind by deep learning precisely. John McCarthy, the father of AI said that it is the science and engineering of making an intelligent machine. The artificial intelligence is not new to people, it has come to certified effectiveness to call itself as true AI

The artificial intelligence is a database (data table) Topic, where some think it is a blessing for the business that does its work as a disguise. While for some it’s a technology that can be dangerous to mankind existence. AI has a direct or indirect impact on our lifestyle. When we say that technology is driving and shaping the future, AI would have taken over all the major task is performed every day. It can also affect the many people you’ll find lots of information n artificial intelligence on the web.

Here are some challenges of artificial intelligence which does not contain a lot of attention to it.

Building Trust
AI lies on the technological side which relates to science and algorithms people who are not aware of algorithms and technology of AI find it difficult to understand its working.

However, it can face a trust issue with people, in spite of the ability to carry out its task. It is basic human psychology that we often ignore or neglect something that we don’t understand. We as a human stay away from such technology that we don’t understand.

A Human Interface
The challenges in AI is the shortages of data science within humans to get maximum output from artificial intelligence. As for business purpose, there is a shortage of skills. Business owners need to train their professionals to be able to leverage the benefits of technology.

Statistics revealed that 15% of survey respondent felt that the biggest challenge was the changing scope of human jobs when everything is automated.

Another challenge is that a high amount of funds are required to step up and implements AI is very high. Therefore not every business organization can invest in it or can try it for their own business. The business owners find it difficult to set up AI  in their business system.

Software malfunction
No technology (Artificial intelligence) or human is perfect. In case of data loss and software/hardware crashes it is difficult to understand what went wrong. On the other hand, work performed by a human can be traced.

However, with technology and inbuilt algorithms in the picture. It is difficult to blame on someone or find the cause of the software/hardware crash. A recent example can be given on it as one self-driving car that took the life of a pedestrian.

AI cannot Replace every Task
Ever since AI has been introduced into human beings, we as human beings have come to believe that all tasks whether gigantic or minute can be managed by Artificial Intelligence. However, this is true to a certain extent But not all tasks can be managed or undertaken by AI.

Artificial intelligence is a tool which more likely use to boost the productivity of a task. AI as the ability to replace all the humanly task with the machine and allow to do a more productive task with our time. It is a tool that boosts the performance and efficiency of an average worker.

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