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The spread of novel coronavirus in India,State-wise total number of confirmed cases, deaths on March 26

The spread of novel coronavirus in India has created panic in the country. After the first confirmed positive case was reported on January 30 in Kerala, the epidemic has expanded its footprint in the country, affecting more than 600 people.More than three billion people around the world were living under lockdown on Wednesday as governments stepped up their efforts against the coronavirus pandemic which has left more than 20,000 people dead worldwide. While the impact of the novel coronavirus has been the most in China and Italy, India also is within its grasp. After making its presence in Kerala first, the novel coronavirus reached other cities/regions including Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir among others.

The total number of positive cases (including deaths) in India: 661 as of March 26. Total deaths in India: 16

States/UT with confirmed positive cases: (State-wise details are updated as we receive information)

Kerala: 112 (including 7 foreigners)
Punjab: 29
Delhi: 36 (including one foreigner)
Jammu and Kashmir: 11
Ladakh: 13
Rajasthan: 36 (including 2 foreigners)
Uttar Pradesh: 38 (including one foreigner)
Maharashtra: 124 (including 3 foreigners)
Karnataka: 51
Tamil Nadu: 26 (including 3 foreigners)
Telangana: 39 (including 11 foreigners)
Haryana: 21 (including 14 foreigners)
Andhra Pradesh: 10
Himachal Pradesh: 4
Gujarat: 43
Uttarakhand: 4
Odisha: 2
West Bengal: 11
Chandigarh: 7
Chhattisgarh: 6
Madhya Pradesh: 23
Bihar: 6
Puducherry: 1
Manipur: 1
Mizoram: 1
Goa: 6

No. of people discharged: 43

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