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The trend of two masks

Mask has become the new normal in the past year. Did you know some people are being extra sure about the pandemic and using double masks?

So what is the trend behind it?

Double masking is a great and easy way to ensure that you won’t get COVID if you adopt to it especially in crowded areas like a taxi, or a train or a plane or any special event.

Pete Buttigieg, the former presidential candidate of the US and now the nominee for secretary of transportation was spotted double-masking. It was seen that he was wearing a high-quality medical mask and beneath it was a black cloth mask. His husband Chasten also donned a similar look. The cloth was much fashionable though for Chasten!

Now if you are an Indian, then you might not need so much protection from COVID 19 because you, my friend have a good immunity system. But it is always good to take precautions in these difficult times. 

Some health experts have said that wearing a double mask can help in preventing coronavirus spread, especially indoors where the risk of transmission is known to be much higher. 

As per Dr Anthony Fauci, two masks are “likely to be more effective”, is a theory most experts agree with. 

As per Dr Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist at UCSF, “It’s kind of a dramatic recommendation for a dramatic moment in our state until we get this under control.” 

She said the new strains of COVID currently circulating that are more transmissible may make double masking more reasonable.

“It’s the new variant, and having so much circulating virus, it’s really important for us to stamp down all the circulating virus,” said Dr Gandhi.

As per the doctors, you must use double masking when you are indoors or in huge crowded areas like airports, grocery stores, restaurants. 

Things to keep in mind while you double mask

As per experts, there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to double masking. As per Gandhi, “It’s actually really important to not double up on the same kind of mask because it’s the same mechanism.” Having the same type of mask won’t fight the virus and won’t be an effective barrier. She said that surgical masks repel the virus and the cloth mask block the virus, so you can make this combination — this one will definitely work.

The double mask not only adds an extra layer of protection but it also holds the surgical mask better and keeps it dry and clean.

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