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Tips to have a good hair day all week!

Tips to have a good hair day all week!


Flaunting a voluminous, healthful mane is each girl’s dream. But this may be surely hard to gain when you have skinny hair that tends to fall flat. However, you’d be amazed to understand that the answer to this trouble is quite simple. Enter: Hair teasing.

But with all of the distinctive strategies and worry of hair breakage surrounding this age-antique hair volumizing technique, we recognize if you’ve in no way give it a try. But it’s time to alternate that. If carried out the use of the proper technique, this technique will assist you with faux oodles of quantity without inflicting any harm on your tresses. So, are you geared up to flaunt an excellent mane? Scroll down for an entire step by step manual on a way to tease your very own hair.

  • Step 01: The first step in making an exceptional hair appearance voluminous is to clean your hair with a volumnizing shampoo. The light-weight texture of this shampoo cleanses any extra oils and leaves your scalp squeaky smooth and hair voluminous.
  • Step 02: Once your hair is absolutely dry, take a rat tail comb and divide your hair into smaller sections from the crown area. Lift every phase and spray and rub down the product in.
  • Step 03: Next, preserve a phase at a 90-degree attitude and lightly comb downwards from the mid-duration to the roots. Repeat the identical step for all of the sections.
  • Step 04: Once you’ve completed backcombing all of the sections, lightly smoothen out the sections the usage of your arms for a natural-searching extent on the roots.
  • Step 05: Finally, seal your coiffure with the Hair Spray. This will hold your hair searching voluminous and fuller all day long.

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  • Use the right amount of product
  • Rinse hair with lukewarm water
  • Protect hair from the sun
  • Minimise heat styling
  • Be gentle with wet hair

Use the right amount of product

Apart from the use of the proper merchandise for your hair type, it’s also vital to apply the proper amount. If your shampoo and conditioner are making your hair too dry or weighing it down, then the fault won’t be with the product however in how good a deal you’re using it. On average, teaspoons of shampoo must be enough. Concentrate at the scalp and mid-lengths — the ends don’t require a good deal of cleaning. Two quarter-sized dollops of conditioner carried out from mid-shaft to the ends is enough.

Rinse hair with lukewarm water

The temperature of the water additionally performs a crucial function in how your hair appears eventually. Don’t bathe with warm water, as it can harm your tresses and cause them to frizzy. Use lukewarm water to scrub your hair and end it off with a chilly rinse on the end. This will deliver your hair a wholesome shine.

Protect hair from the sun

The rays of the sun can be pretty damaging for your tresses. It can dehydrate your hair and lead to split ends. Protect your hair by limiting your time in the sun and apply a leave-in conditioner every alternate day to combat damage. Moisturise the hair, making it feel softer and easier to comb. Apply a few drops from mid-shaft to end for gorgeous locks.

Minimise heat styling

Heat styling is detrimental to your hair because of the rays of the sun. To conceal a chain of terrible hair days, don’t succumb to warmth styling, because it will make the circumstance of your hair worse. Instead, use warmth styling handiest while important and don’t overlook spritzing a few warmth protectants earlier than you fashion your tresses.

Be gentle with wet hair

Your hair is the weakest whilst it’s far wet. You want to be milder with it at some stage in this time. Avoid rubbing it in opposition to the towel or brushing it to put off tangles. Do now no longer blast the hairdryer on completely to dry it quickly. All these items will make it weak, dry and vulnerable to breakage. Lightly dab the towel to soak up extra oil, use your arms to detangle the knots, and wait until your hair is ready 70% dry to apply the hairdryer.

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Are sulphates bad for all hair types?

Excessively oily, flaky and greasy scalps can benefit from sulphates when used correctly, some hair types suffer more.

  • Sensitive scalp: If you suffer from scalp sensitivity, abuse of sulphates can result in problems like itching, redness, and cracking. This is particularly authentic for sensitive skin problems like eczema or psoriasis which want all of the hydration they are able to get to prevent flaring up.
  • Dry, frizzy hair: Natural hair textures which can be curly, dry or frizzy need to keep away from sulphates in any respect. This hair kind is frequently exceedingly porous and sulphates can strip it of important nourishment. They also can upload pointless friction to this hair kind, mainly to breakage and a scraggly appearance.
  • Dyed, chemically treated hair: Sulphates are in particular harsh on colored and chemically handled hair. The compounds could make your coloration fade quicker and make it appearance brassy and dull. Straightened or heat-treated hair additionally suffers from quite a few damages, so overly drying it with sulphates can strain it out further.


  • Massage with oil: To start your deep conditioning hair spa, begin by giving your scalp and tresses a few much-wished nourishment. Pick an oil of your choice, heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds after which rub it into your scalp using your fingertips. This will stimulate the blood glide to the scalp, enjoyable your thoughts and lowering stress.
  • Steam hair: To make sure the oil penetrates into the hair cuticle for deeper nourishment, blow a little bit of steam in your hair. If you’ve got a steamer, simply keep your hair towards it for some minutes. You also can use a towel soaked and squeezed in warm water and wrap it round your head. If it is cold, dip it in warm water once more and repeat the process. Do this for 10-15 minutes, and pass directly to the following step.
  • Shampoo hair: The subsequent step is to scrub off the oil. For this, use a sulphate loose shampoo. It is mild on hair and won’t dry out your tresses. It will cleanse the oil, dust and different impurities without stripping off the herbal oils out of your scalp.
  • Deep condition with a mask: Using a deep conditioning hair mask can alternate your hair recreation like no other. Even in case you don’t have time for a difficult hair spa session, making use of a hair mask as soon as per week can deeply affect your hair.
  • Rinse: The last step of your at-home hair spa is to rinse off the hair mask. Wash it off thoroughly and apply the sulphate free shampoo again. Follow it up with a conditioner from the same range. Do not rub your hair with a towel or blow dry them. Let them dry naturally.

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  1.  Dry shampoo: The first thing to keep in mind is, dry shampoo must now no longer be used each day, and it’s no longer an alternative for shampoo and water. However, you shouldn’t be washing your hair each day either. So, on days while you want to clean up your hair, spray a touch little bit of dry shampoo. Here’s a tip: Instead of making use of it in the morning at the same time as getting ready, spray it the night time earlier than and visit sleep. The product gets extra time to soak up the oil out of your hair and scalp, and your hair will appear clean and easy withinside the morning.
  2. Leave-in conditioner: As quickly as you step out of the shower, the primary aspect you need to do is wrap an easy cotton t-blouse round your head to take in extra water. Once your hair isn’t always dripping wet, practice a few leave-in conditioners. The light-weight texture will penetrate the hair without problems and get absorbed quickly. It additionally allows lightening up knots and detangling the hair. Focus on mid-lengths and ends at the same time as making use of the leave-in conditioner to get silky clean hair.
  3. Hair serum: If you want manageable, sleek and healthy-looking hair, a hair serum should be a part of your hair care routine. Take a coin-sized amount of product and apply it from mid-lengths to ends. Stay away from the scalp, as it can make your hair look greasy. The serum will make your hair look sleek and effortlessly stylish. But those with fine hair can skip using a hair serum as it might be too heavy for their hair type and weigh it down.


  1. Leave-in conditioner: Once you step out of the shower and have wrung excess water out of your hair, work in a lightweight leave-in conditioner on damp hair. They are formulated to get easily absorbed in your hair, nourish it deeply, repair damage and help untangle the knots as well. Evenly distribute the product in your hair by using a wide-toothed shampoo comb to minimise breakage and tugging.
  2. Hair serum or mousse: Once you have combed through your hair with a leave-in conditioning product, it is time to use a serum or mousse. These products help improve your hair’s look and texture. From fighting frizz to defying your curls, a mousse and serum can do wonders for dry and frizzy hair.
  3. Heat protectant spray: After your mousse and spray, go straight in with a heat protectant spray. If you are air-drying your hair, you can wait for the hair to dry before spraying it. However, if you are blow-drying your tresses, make sure to use the spray while your hair is still damp. Wait for five minutes for the heat protectant spray to dry on your hair to avoid it from fizzling out while using your heat tools.
  4. Styling or texturising creams: Once your hair is nice and dry, it is time to go in with the heaviest products in your routine — the styling or texturising creams. These products are formulated to offer hold, manipulate the texture of your hair, and mould your mane into whatever style you want. They also offer more control over your tresses and add volume to you can try a number of hairstyles.
  5. Sprays or pomades: The final step of your habitual must be completing sprays or pomades to fasten withinside the fashion you simply created. Start with a smaller quantity and maintain it as wished due to the fact overdoing it may make your hair experience crunchy and rough. Make sure to choose the proper product for your hair type. Curly hair will want something that offers extra hold, whilst people with satisfactory hair wish for a volumising product. Those will stupid hair can advantage from a shine spray. NEVER use a complete spray on damp hair because it will flip your mane right into a greasy mess.

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