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Top 10 Countries To Visit Before You Die

Here are some top 10 Countries To Visit before you die.


The home of the Romans, the seat of power for the Catholics and a living example of Renaissance Era architecture – Italy is a country like no other. Filled with beautiful terrains, scenic hills, and a never ending trail of cultural history, any place you land in Italy is assured to give you an everlasting memory. And best of all, you are assured to be treated with the best food in the world even if you end up visiting the rural areas of Italy. Some of the places you should have in mind to visit are Venice, Florence, Tuscany and of course Rome. Start off your travel exploring Rome and her endless streets filled architectural and cultural treasures. Then head down to Florence and experience Renaissance at its best, and take a road trip through the snow peaked terrain of Tuscany to experience the best food in the world. Countries To Visit Finally settle down on the shores of Venice and admire the Mediterranean like royalty.


Unharmed by the major wars of the 20th century and influence by almost every popular civilization to have existed in the world, Spain is one of those rare countries that still retain its medieval charm. From the plains of Andalusia to the mountain ranges of the Pyrenees, Spain has a geographical variety like no other in Europe. And with the Mediterranean winds gently bringing continuous warmth to the plains, Spain is truly an all-weather holiday country. Travelling throughout Spain is an undertaking that will exhaust even the most experience of travelers, so it’s advisable to follow what other fellow travelers do and head to the most popular attractions of the country like Barcelona, Cordoba, Madrid and the like. Countries To Visit It’s both inexpensive and truly worth the time.


A trip to France will ruin your normal life in a number of ways. For instance every other language will sound harsh after just spending a few days listening to French; all other foods will become tasteless after experiencing true French cuisine, and especially the cafes will never be the same again once your have experienced the grandeur of France’s street cafes. But nevertheless, a trip to France should definitely be on everyone’s ‘to do before dying’ list. Though the capital Paris attracts most of the attention in France, the country has lot more to offer beyond the walls of its romantic city. Visit the vineyards of Champagne and Boudreaux to experience French wine and countryside in its true glory. Or head down to the French Riviera to witness the true glitz and glamor of celebrities. Countries To Visit Or just visit the hundreds of historical towns and cities in France to get a taste of the Old World culture, so perfectly preserved by these places. But no matter where you visit, you’re assured to be pleased to your senses.


Now that we have seen the beauty and charm of the Old World, it’s time to seek out the thrill and adventure of the New. To begin, Australia is not just a single country but an entire continent. With various ethnic groups, differing cultures, an amazing diverse terrain, and some of the most unique flora and fauna – Australia is a world within our world. Be prepared to be stunned by some of the most exotic natural wonders of the world like the Uluru or the Great Barrier Reef, and be ready to witness some of the most exotic terrain starting from the Australian outback to the uninhabited island of Whitsunday. Countries To Visit And if you want culture and entertainment, just head down to the coastal cities of Sydney and Melbourne and experience entertainment like never before.


Upon visiting Greece you could easily see why the ancient inhabitant of this wonderful land associated nature with the gods so much. From the majestic view of the mighty Aegean to the cloud filled peak of Mt. Olympus, one can’t help but admire the natural beauty that has been endowed on the country. Apart from the bustling city of Athens, there are plenty of places in Greece for the novice traveler to explore. Some of the best places not to be missed out are Delphi, Meteora, Santorin, Thessaloniki and the various Greek islands that dot the Aegean. But if you don’t have time to explore them all, just stick around Athens and witness the ancient world come to life. Since the city is busy all around the year, try avoiding it during season time.


Shadowed by the other major European travel destinations, Portugal largely remains untouched by the gawking tourists who usually spoil almost any kind of scenic setting. Filled brilliant beaches, a vibrant landscape, forgotten castles, and cobblestone paved medieval charm villages; Portugal is the true European country that lives up an adventurer’s expectations. Start off from Lisbon, the capital and the architectural hub of Portugal, and work your way through the coastal cities enjoying good wine, great food and never ending parties. Head in Porto to experience some of the best wine the country has to offer, and explore your way through Coimbra and Evora to see the world through the eyes of the New World explorers.


The urban setting of USA may not attract even the most adventurous of travelers, but the natural treasures the country can surely have a lasting impact on any visitor. Right from the Grand Canyon to the numerous national parks that dot the terrain, the list of natural wonders alone are enough to put the country on the center stage. A trip exploring just national parks including Yellowstone and Yosemite will be quite breathtaking and can change the entire perspective on the country. Some of the other regions that are definitely worth the visit are the Hawaiian Islands, the Great Smoky Mountains, the beaches of California, and of course the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe.


The Brazilians firmly believe that God spent an entire eight day just to create Brazil, and if you ever get the chance to visit the country, you will definitely agree that their ideas are not so farfetched. Disregarding the obvious splendors such as the Amazon, the country still seems to be overflowing with natural wonders. Right from the horseshoe shaped falls of Iguacu to the Pantanal Marshlands, Brazil is the place to be to awaken the adventurer in you. And there is no lack for partying and culture either. Spend a night in Rio di Janeiro and discover the true definition of partying, or head out northeast and find perfectly preserved colonial style building and towns, or explore through the jungle and find the ancient relics of the Maya and the Inca. Truly the decision is all yours.

South Africa

The southern tip of Africa, much like the rest of the continent, has much to offer than disappoint. With the capital embroiled in confusion, the rest of the country is pretty much in perfect order and ready for exploring. Spend a short stay at Johannesburg and head out to Cape Town to get a refreshing new look of the globe from the orchard filled peaks of the Winelands; and don’t miss out the opportunity Countries To Visit to explore the Table Mountain and Table Bay. Take a trip to one of the many wildlife preserves of the country including the Kruger National Park, and the Addo Elephant National Park to have a truly African adventure.


The country may not sound quite welcoming to some people, but if you can look beyond the past and just the country itself, you will soon realize that Germany is hands down one of the best countries in the world to explore. From the green hills of Bavaria to the icy peaks of the Alps, the bustling cultural hub of Munich to the relaxed medieval towns, Germany assures to offer an experience like no other. Countries To Visit Though a trip to the country might be a bit too heavy on your budget, for the fantastic food, exquisite views, and unbeatable beer, you will definitely realize that it’s the best few bucks you have ever spent in years.

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