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Top 11 Adventures You Can’t Miss In Portugal

If you are an adventurous person who enjoys doing activities that make you high on adrenaline, then Portugal is a perfect place for you to visit. The country is designed in such a way that every place you visit, there will be some thrilling activity to do. From mountain biking to scuba diving, this country has numerous adventure-filled activities to offer. This place serves as a portal to a land full of adventures. Given below are the top 11 Adventures in Portugal that you must check out:

1. Zip-Lining

Zip-lining from Spain to Portugal is the only cross-border zip line in the world. This ziplining is a bit special because it allows you to cross a border in a zip line. It is one of the most popular Adventures in Portugal.

The zip line crosses through the Guadiana river at 720m  at a speed between 70 and80 km/h. So you get to enjoy the beautiful view of the Guadiana river and the different landscapes between Portugal and Spain. The most fascinating thing about this zip lining is that it allows you to time travel, yes! Sounds insane right.. but it is true, You literally fly through time and go back in time an hour because of the different time zone in both countries. Hence you must not miss the zip line from Spain to Portugal with Limit Zero.

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2. Hiking

Portugal is a paradise for hikers. It has some of the best places to offer for hiking. The seven Hanging Valley trail is the most popular day hike in Algarve and has picturesque views to offer in the region. Everyone definitely tries these Adventures in Portugal. Its 5.7km trail stretches between Praia da Marinha and Praia de Vale Centianes.

The next is Ponta de Sao Lourenco, it’s commonly known as The Dragon’s tail it is the 4.6-mile adventurous trail. It is situated at the easternmost point of the island Madeira. This hike will keep you spellbound during all your walks, the scenery you get to see from here is spectacular. Also, there is a cafe on the way to hike, which looks like an oasis in the desert, where one can refresh by having snacks before the next climb.

3. Surfing

There are umpteen beaches, which makes it a suitable place for pro surfers to exercise their God-gifted talent for instance Nazaré. And for beginners, there are beaches with mild waves like Cantino de Baia- Peniche where it is safe to surf for surfers who are not so good at it. Guincho is another beach located in the west of Lisbon to surf for beginners or to just simply sit and enjoy the beauty it holds. It is one of the most enthralling Adventures in Portugal.

Praia do Norte in Nazare is a beautiful beach and is home to the biggest waves in the world. This beach is an ideal place for surfing. Did you know that legend Garrett McNamara, who is known for Guinness World Record for surfing the biggest wave in history, got this tag from surfing the incredible North Canyon in Nazare. The Ericeira holds World Surf Reserve Status, cementing its position as one of the world’s best surf spots.

4. Scuba diving

We all know that Portugal is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, and guess what that makes it just a top-notch place for scuba diving.  Scuba diving in Portugal means discovering a different world underwater. The Nazare canon being the source of the many sea currents and whirlpools full of nutrients attracts many different species making it the perfect place to explore a diversity of underwater species.  It is one of the most breathtaking Adventures in Portugal.

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The Azores in Portugal is known for whale watching. There are myriads of aquatic species in the crystal blue water of the Azores, which makes it the best diving location in Portugal.

5. Kayaking

The mild climate of the country makes it an ideal place for Kayaking, which is the best way to rejuvenate and relax since Portugal has exquisite rivers that are surrounded by beautiful massive cliffs and mountains. Through Kayaking you get to see places that many tourists miss out on, it’s a fantastic way to see the best of the coast and the wonderful sea caves.

One can either go on self-guided trips or guided trips. One can enjoy a wonderful Kayaking adventure in many parts of the Mondongo  River. Madeira, Algarve, and various other places near Lisbon can be considered while Kayaking. Douro river from Spain to Portugal, where the river flows into the Atlantic Ocean, is best for kayaking, where you get to see world heritage sites. The Tras-os-Montes region is also well worth exploring by boat while going kayaking.

6. Skydiving

If you are an adventure seeker then skydiving is a must. Once in your life, you must have wished to reach the sky and to be able to fly. Skydive Algarve in Portugal will make your wish come true. It is one of the best-rated skydiving institutions in Portugal.

Skydive Algarve’s dropzone is near Alvor, a small lovely fishing village and home to a beautiful beach so you get a panoramic view of the place before you jump. You get to see the Algarve spread out beneath you from about 15,000 feet, and that is when the adrenaline kicks in. You get to enjoy the best view of the sea in Europe. It is one of the must-do Adventures in Portugal.

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7. Bungee Jump water touch, Albufeira

Water touch bungee jumping is very rare, you only get to see it in five countries worldwide. Portugal happens to be one of them, Albufeira marina situated in the south of Portugal offers water touch bungee jumping. Carlos Mosca Dionisio, a Portuguese world record-holding bungee jumper was the one to invent this unique sport. The crane in this bungee jumping has a height of 50 meters. This is specially designed for adrenaline seekers. Participants get to experience a 40m ride into the air on a crane, and then jump, their head gets completely immersed in cool Atlantic water. After which they are pulled back up to the same platform. It certainly helps one to face their fear of heights, and then get their nerves calm by the chilled water.

8..Mountain biking

Biking enthusiasts will absolutely enjoy exploring the windy trails, with spectacular views and incredible landscapes between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. There are numerous mountains in Portugal for mountain biking. The best way to explore Portugal through mountain biking is going to the west coast south of Lisbon as far as the west part of the Algarve, which is a Natural park of South-West Alentejo and the Vicentine Coast. In this vast region of Lisbon, and the west coast of  Altenjo and the  Algarve, there are 3 natural parks. Riding a bike in the mountains makes you feel entirely thrilled and connected to mother nature on another level. The rustle of the leaves and the crashing sound of the waves accompany you throughout your ride in the vast forests of Portugal.

9. Skiing

One of the best adventure activities to do in Portugal is Skiing. Serra de Estrela is a mountain range in the central region of Portugal, it’s a continuation of the Central Cordillera. If you follow this line further south, then it will lead you to the mountains of Sintra. The slopes of the Portugal mountains are what make skiing so fun. Serra de Estrela’s ski resort only has four lifts,  seven pistes, and 130 meters of vertical descent. Albeit, it doesn’t snow much in Portugal, it snows just enough in Serra de Estrella to go skiing. And that is something that makes it special, to go skiing in the warmest country in Europe is not something that happens often. The 2 best resorts that offer skiing in Serra de Estrella are Estancia de Ski and SkiParque Serra de Estrela.

10. Coasteering

If you want to experience the best coastal adventure ever then Algarve in Portugal is the quintessential place for it. Coasteering is a combination of various water sports activities such as swimming, cliff jumping, and rock climbing. You get to explore beautiful beaches and secret caves. The best place to experience the coasteering is the Natural Park of Costa Vicentina, which is on the coast between Lagos and Sagres in the Western Algarve. The mere fact that  Algarve’s beaches face the Atlantic, not the Mediterranean sea makes even your small paddle a great adventure. Hence, it is better to take a tour guide with you, who can guide you about when the tides are coming in and out and when or where it is safe to jump and swim. Climbing up the orange rugged cliff faces is fun enough, but splashing in the pristine blue water and exploring the hidden grottoes are some of the most exciting ways to discover more of Portugal’s natural beauty.  

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11. Canyoning

There are two magnificent parks to go canyoning in Portugal. The first is Peneda Geres National Park or the Magic Mountains which is also known as Arouca Geopark. However, Peneda Geres Natural Park is more suitable for people who are new to canyoning since Magic mountains are a bit more extreme even though they offer great canyoning experiences with high abseils. Although for canyoning one does not need to have any experience, it can be practised by anyone who can walk a mountain, jump into the water, and has the strength to endure a hike of 3-4 hours, and that is the best part of it. Canyoning is one of the few ways to explore the beautiful nature of Portugal. It is one of the best adventures to get into to get that rush of adrenaline in your body that makes your soul soar.

These above-mentioned 11 adventure activities are some of the most thrilling ones. So, we would suggest, that if you ever visit Portugal you must indulge in those adventure activities if not all of them then at least a few of them must be added to your bucket list.

Which Adventures in Portugal of the above you will try?

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