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Top five cryptocurrencies to invest in via Pancakeswap

Thousands of digital tokens are listed on PancakeSwap, many of which have been trading for less than a year. As a result, the PancakeSwap exchange is an excellent place to start investing in upcoming cryptocurrency businesses.

Here are the five best cryptocurrencies to invest in on Pancakeswap

  1. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is building an ecosystem that will make worldwide lottery games more accessible to everyone. The Lucky Block system uses smart contracts to determine gaming outcomes, ensuring transparency, trust, and legitimacy. 

That means, game outcomes on the Lucky Block platform are guaranteed to be fair – and the number-drawing process is done without the involvement of any centralised authority. According to its PancakeSwap voyage, the Lucky Block cryptocurrency was featured on the crypto exchange as recently as late January 2022.

The coin was initially listed at a low price of $0.00021 before rising in value. Lucky Block temporarily reached highs of $0.003 in just a few days. As a result, early investors might expect returns of far over 1,000 per cent. The Lucky Block Telegram group has grown to almost 25k members.

The good news is that Lucky Block is still in the early stages of its blockchain-based lottery programme, which means you may still get a great deal on the token. Furthermore, with a market capitalization of just over $100 million, there is a lot of room for growth.

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  1. CAKE

PancakeSwap’s original digital token is CAKE. As a result, it should not be surprising that CAKE tokens may be purchased directly from the PancakeSwap exchange. CAKE serves a variety of functions inside the PancakeSwap ecosystem as a utility token.

The first step is to provide tokens with liquidity pools on the PancakeSwap exchange. This enables projects to provide smooth trading conditions for their tokens, which number in the thousands.

CAKE tokens may also be used for staking by users who purchase them. This may be done directly on PancakeSwap once more. CAKE has since grown to be a billion-dollar asset class in terms of performance. 

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  1. Safemoon

Safemoon is the next project on our list of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. This digital currency is one of the most successful products of the Binance Smart Chain and PancakeSwap, with considerable increases since its introduction just under two years ago.

Safemoon was introduced in March 2021, yet it already had a market capitalization of almost $6 billion after only three months. Early investors profited by millions of percentage points as a result of this.

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  1. BUSD- Best Stablecoin for Bear Markets

The larger cryptocurrency markets tend to move in sync, which means that when Bitcoin falls, so do the majority of other digital tokens. When this occurs, astute investors will frequently retain a stablecoin to avoid additional losses and be ready to profit once the markets have recovered.

As a result, if you want to focus on token projects featured on PancakeSwap in 2022, BUSD is one of the finest cryptocurrencies to acquire. Because BUSD is based on the Binance Smart Chain, it may be quickly converted into another token.

Furthermore, BUSD, which is backed by Binance, the world’s largest exchange, has verified US dollar reserves on a 1:1 ratio. In comparison, other stablecoins, like Tether, have only a small portion of US dollar reserves backing their tokens.

  1. Floki Inu

Floki is similar to Safemoon in that the token has had a lot of success since it was released on PancakeSwap in June 2021. Even though many people consider Floki Inu as just another dog-themed meme coin (think Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and so on), the project was able to generate a lot of buzzes thanks to an active marketing strategy.

This includes not just traditional online digital marketing via cryptocurrency-focused platforms, but also physical billboards on buses, trams, and even airports. As a result, the price of Floki Inu has risen from a low of $0.000004 to a high of $0.0003. This equates to a gain of more than 7,400%.

So, which one of these best cryptocurrencies for pancakeswap will you choose?

Image Credits: Cryptoslate

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