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Top places to visit in Ahmedabad

Top places to visit in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has always been the heartbeat of western India. It has been an important seat no matter on which year we talk about it. After years of development, we see a unique blend of old and new Ahmedabad and it keeps things interesting for their tourists. Right from the grand Jumma Masjid to the Adalaj Step Well, everything is beautiful and has a history. You can’t miss them when you are travelling to Ahmedabad.

Today in this article we will look at some of the top locations you must visit when you visit Ahmedabad:

  • Jumma Masjid

It is situated in Mahatma Gandhi Road, Jumma Masjid is one of the finest architectures of the city. It was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1423, yes it is that old to give a place to Muslim devotees to congregate for Friday prayers. It is believed that the Masjid was built using pieces of vandalized Hindu and Jain temples. The pillars of the mosque have unique carvings and the interior of the Masjid is lit with natural light that filters through latticework screens.

  • Sabarmati Ashram

We all know what significance it has to the history of India and its independence. It is the place where Gandhi Ji orchestrated the final struggle of independence. When you visit it, you will witness Gandhi Ji’s cottage also called the Hriday Ashram. You will also see his items reserved like round eyeglasses, wooden slippers, letters and books.

  • Sarkhej Roza

It is situated at a short distance from Vishala Complex. It is a beautiful complex of tombs and pavilions. It is built around an artificial lake made for the leaders of Gujrat. One of the important tombs belongs to Ahmed Shah’s spiritual advisor, Sheikh Ahmed Khattu. You will see some beautiful carvings and latticework in this complex.

  • Teen Darwaza

Teen Darwaza which also means Triple Gateway is situated nearby Bhadra Fort. It used to be the entrance to the Royal Square or Maidan Shahi where the royal processions and polo games used to happen. Today, it is a huge complex of shops that sell block prints, silverware and other small items.

  • Kankaria Lake

Known to be one of the largest lakes in Ahmedabad, it is located in the southern part of the city. It is a great picnic spot for families with a fantastic lake view. There are many recreational activities besides the lake such as a zoo, toy train, kids’ city, balloon ride, water rides, water park, food stalls and many other entertainment ventures. A week-long festival is also celebrated each year on the last week of December which you must not miss!

So, there you go, some of the top locations you can’t miss when you visit Ahmedabad.

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