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Top Places to visit in Assam

Top Places to visit in Assam

Assam is known for its splendid tea gardens. It is one of the most important states for its tea business. Authentic tea leaves have always been the central attraction for this state and their revenue income as well. 

Assam is rich in biodiversity and flora. You can’t miss visiting this place for its beautiful view and humble people. 

Now as you all know, Assam is part of the Seven Sisters of India. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top places you can’t miss when you visit Assam.

  • Kamakhya Temple

This is one of the most significant temples of Assam, if you are travelling here, you can’t miss this. It is the temple of Goddess Shakthi and one of the oldest temples in Guwahati. A unique fact is that the river Brahmaputra runs completely red during the June month. It is said that it is the mensurating blood of Goddess Shakthi. The temple is beautiful, and this tops the tourist place all the time. 

The timing for the temple is 5.30 am to 10 pm and the entry is free.

  • Kaziranga National Park

How can we forget the only park in the world where you will find a one-horned rhino. I have visited this national park and it is one of the richest national parks with flora and fauna.

It is THE park where you will find one-horned rhinos and sometimes their offsprings as well. Some other animals that you can see are the swamp deer, elephant, flying squirrels, gibbon, leopards. There are different kind of safaris for this park such as the Elephant safari and also the Jeep safari. If you are lucky you might see a tiger drinking water from the pon as well.

The park is open 24 hours and the price for the ticket is Rs. 20 for Indians and Rs. 250 for foreigners.

  • Majuli Island

It is one of the largest riverine islands and has some breathtaking landscapes. Some parts of this island are submerged in the monsoon seasons. You must visit this island for its gorgeous view of nature and the peace it offers.

  • Kakochang waterfalls

This waterfall flows down from rubber and tea plantations and gives you a spectacular view of the tea gardens and the waterfalls at the same time. This waterfall is very closeby to the Kaziranga National Park so you can visit it on your way. The scenic beauty of the waterfall is heavenly and majestic. It is something you can’t miss.

  • Manas National Park

This is another popular national park you can’t fail to visit. This park is home to elephants, tigers, rhinos, water buffalo, clouded leopards, deer and so much more. If you are a big animal lover then you must visit this national park. It is a three hours drive from Guwahati. You must visit it from November to April — it is the best time.

So, there you go, some of the top locations you can’t miss when you visit Assam.

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