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Top Places to Visit in Harihareshwar

Places to visit in Harihareshwar

This is one of those travel destinations not many people know about. Situated in Maharashtra, it is one of the most beautiful places that people love to visit during their holidays.

I have been to Harihareshwar a long time ago; I remember how peaceful and gorgeous that place is. The tourist location is made of beautiful beaches and temples. Today we will list some top places to visit in Harihareshwar.

Most of the places in the list are filled with tourists round the year but it is worth it. Harihareshwar is a 5 to 6 hours journey from Pune city and Mumbai as well. People usually prefer to travel by road in their personal cars as it is a rocky road.

Harihareshwar can beat Goa, in fact, it has so many different gorgeous locations that you would never find in Goa.

Top Places to visit in Harihareshwar

  1. Harihareshwar Beach

Harihareshwar beach is a must-visit and a first visit location because all beach lovers love this place. You will be able to catch the marvellous view of sunset and sunrise at the right timings, and you must check it out. The view is stupendous.

Four hills surround the beach which makes it look gorgeous.

  • Kalbhairav Temple

Kalbhairav temple is visited by lot of people. It is a Shiva Temple with a lot of legend stories about supernatural powers of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Bheema, one of the Pandava brothers broke a huge rock into half which stands in the middle of the temple.

  • Velas Beach

This beach is situated in Diveagar which is in an hour distance from Harihareshwar. One unique thing about this beach is, you can see rare species of turtles here, and sometimes even turtles hatching eggs.

You can reach Velas beach in 30 minutes from Harihareshwar if you take a ferry.

  • Bhagamandala

Bhagamandala is a small village in Harihareshwar. This small town is just a few miles away from Harihareshwar beach. The place is an excellent location if you want to experience the local life of Harihareshwar and if you like boating then you also might like to roam around Bhagamandala in a ferry.

  • Diveagar Beach

Situated in an hour distance from Harihareshwar, tourists add this beach on their list beside Harihareshwar beach. One good thing about this beach is that it is less crowded compared to the other ones. You can experience calm and beautiful beach scenery and indulge in the lush and exotic sea breeze with silence and peace.

Next time you come looking for an underrated location to visit in Maharashtra, make sure to add Harihareshwar to add in your list!

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