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Top places to visit in Neil Island, Andaman!

Top places to visit in Neil Island, Andaman!

As we all know that Neil island is a tiny little paradise among the other paradises in Andaman, there are limited places which you can visit and that will make you feel so relieved and comforted and relaxed and you won’t feel the rush on vacations of visiting everything so that you don’t miss out on the most lovely attractions in the entire world. Neil Island is not that popular among tourists but it deserves to be because it has a lot to offer to all kinds of tourists be it the honeymooners who want some private time away from the hustle and bustle with their loved ones or be it even the solo travellers in quest of something unknown or maybe the real world god made for us humans. Mostly the attraction that you world find on Neil Island are beaches and thus you will have an ample amount of beaches that will be all just for you since you won’t really find any visitors to share it with. But Neil Island will be a joyful experience and like a blow of fresh mint if explored the right way. So here are a few places to visit in Neil Island:


Bharatpur beach is really the most popular one on the Neil Island, that itself does not attract many visitors, partly because it is just about half-a-kilometer away from the jetty. The beach is lined with lovely coconut trees and thus the beach has ample amount of shade. If you want a bit more peace from the little crowd that the beach attracts, you can walk a bit further into the beach and you will enjoy that bit of more shade surrounded by the trees. There are plenty of water sports for you to try out. The water near the beach is too shallow and you have to walk up to at least 500 meters to go deep into the water during low tide so people who fear water would also have absolutely no problem swimming here on this beach. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Neil Island.

You can try Glass bottom boat rides too but snorkelling into the water will give a better, fun and memorable experience here on the Bharatpur beach. Besides, if you are a non-swimmer you won’t get a better chance at diving into the sea on Andaman and it would be a shame to have a beach vacation without dipping into the waters. You can also try jet skiing here to add to the thrill and fun. You can see different sea creatures while you dive along with the growing colourful corals for which this beach is famous even among visitors who come to Havelock. There are plenty of stalls and shacks serving snacks and refreshments so you can enjoy as long as you want and there is also no need to worry about getting soaked in the water because there are changing rooms and toilets available on the beach.

places to visit in Neil Island
source: Trans India Travel

Since this beach has become so popular, the beach is littered with waste such as plastic and broken glass and this is quite sad because we ourselves are ruining places we enjoy the most. You also need to be careful while walking barefoot on the beach because broken glass spread everywhere.

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Ramnagar beach

This beach stretches all over the Ramnagar village and thus you can have a jolly time with the friendly and hospitable locals. There are also many restaurants and dining options available on this beach and you can access the sea best at these restaurants, especially at the Blue sea restaurant and the path across the Deep Sea resort here. However, it would be quite difficult to swim on this beach due to sharp corals and you need to look out for them when you go into the water to prevent cuts and bruises. But even so, the visibility is great and snorkelling might be a good option if only you beware of these corals. The currents and waves can get quite big and strong sometimes so you will have to be an experienced swimmer to do so on this beach. The beach, however, provides spectacular sunset view and it also does not attract much crowd since swimming is not that easy o the beach and also because of less popularity among the tourists as compared to the Bharatpur beach. It is one of the most exciting places to visit in Neil Island.

places to visit in Neil Island
source: andaman islands

Sitapur beach

Another marvellous beach hidden and overshadowed by other places on Neil Island is the Sitapur beach which is outlined with tall and picturesque coconut ad pine trees. Sitapur beach is also known as Sunrise Beach because of the epic sunrise hues and look every morning but you do need to get up really early to catch the glimpse of the magic. The beach has two curved bays and crustal clear emerald water which would tempt you to dip for a swim and just relax and get soaked in the water and the sun above. This beach really helps you relax and just go beachcombing and do literally nothing but still enjoy every bit of the time you spend here. However, this beach is prone to stronger and higher tides and swimming would not be possible during those times. You can only buy fresh coconuts on the beach in the name of snacks and so you need to pack well in case you feel hungry or want to munch on delicious snacks while laying on the sand. There is a resort and a small restaurant a few meters away from the beach so you can go there if you run out of water or snacks.

places to visit in Neil Island
source: trawell

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Laxmanpur beach

Another beach just celebrating the turquoise beauty of the sea, Laxmanpur beach is also a lovely and simple place to just relax by the waters. The water near the beach is very shallow and thus adventurers become eager to try snorkelling here you can also spot some colourful fishes and corals just like on other beaches on Neil Island.

You can also have a chance at spotting the popular dugong feeding on seagrass here near this beach. This beach attracts the most crowd during sunrise and sunsets because of its beauty but remains rather deserted during the day and so you can enjoy serenity and tranquillity on the beach.

Laxmanpur Beach in Neil Island
source: Makemytrip

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Natural Bridge or Natural rock formation

This is probably the only tourist attraction on Neil Island that is not a beach. It can also be said to be the prime attraction of Neil Island and is also called the Howrah bridge (although it does not resemble the bridge in Kolkata at all). The rock formation in the shape of a bridge is decorated with creepers and flowers of all kinds and looks extremely beautiful situated just beside the azure water adding to the vibrant look of it all. You can visit the natural bridge through Laxmanpur beach during low tide which is the only time you can walk on dead corals and reach here. The place is also interesting because you can spot some of the most unique creatures like sea urchins, sea cucumbers, starfishes and of course beautiful corals. This destination can get a little crowded during the afternoons because this is the last spot before the sunset or sunrise points.

Natural bridge in Neil
source: discovering andaman

So now that you know about so many peaceful and alluring options on this thinly inhabited island, go enjoy yourselves to the fullest so that you can come back with a happy heart and a mind full of memories and throwbacks from this vacation on the Neil island.

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