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Top things to do in Diglipur! Know here everything!

Top things to do in Diglipur! Know here everything!

As we all know that Diglipur is the largest inhabited town in the entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Diglipur still is quite different from the normal notion of a town or a city that is usually bustling with people and usually busy. But when you visit Diglipur, you will realise that this is the quietest and the most serene town you would have ever visited. Diglipur is still building its infrastructure and is becoming increasingly popular among the tourists as well and so you should expect quite a lot of fun here because it still retains its rustic charm and natural persona. Since it is not yet transformed completely into a commercialised location like the Havelock Island, extremely popular in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, it is best to enjoy nature and meet its lovely and hospitable inhabitants who have settled here.

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There are so many options of what you can do on the island and you will mostly run out of time to try all of them since your trip is time bound and so you definitely might get exhausted but this part of Andaman will never cease to amaze you. The rich flora and fauna and brilliant marine life is also one of the reasons what make Diglipur a decent tourist attraction.

People mostly come to see the turtle nesting and to climb the highest peak of the entire archipelago. Diglipur is the best place where you can witness turtle nesting of not just one or two but four species. Though it is very hard to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon it is fairly common in this part of Andaman. Another point of attraction is the Saddle peak which can be a challenging trek to even the most fit and experienced trekkers so beware. But is that all you can do? Absolutely no. Let us explore all the possible fun things to do in Diglipur!

Scuba diving and snorkelling

The crystal clear waters of the beaches of Diglipur lure you into wanting to dive into the waters and enjoy your time among the little creatures already swimming inside. Tourists love going scuba diving and snorkelling in Diglipur given they are already certified divers. There are no commercial facilities for any water sports activities available in the town since the tourist infrastructure is not that advanced so you will need to carry your own equipments if you wish to indulge in these water sports.

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The beaches of Ross and Smith islands are the best if you would like to indulge in water sports. The region around the islands is declared a marine sanctuary and you would have to take the permit but the beach along with the beautiful island is the dream place for you to go diving and snorkelling. You can also try in other places like the Ramnagar beach, Kalipur beach, Lamia bay beach, Pathi level beach and other such places. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Diglipur.


Sunbathing is constant no matter where you go in Andaman. After all, relaxing is an important part of a vacation or the entire meaning of it sometimes. So you’ve got to do nothing but just lay in the sand, soak in the sun and just enjoy the view take some droolworthy pictures and that’s it. Swimming is also a must in Diglipur to just help with the heat of a tropical location like Andaman.

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Given the highest peak of the entire archipelago- Saddle peak- is situated in Diglipur, it is natural that trekkers would flock to this town. It usually takes 6 to 7 hours to reach the peak and mind you, the trek of Saddle peak is steep enough to make even the most advanced trekkers tired and exhausted. The forest surrounding the area is also favoured by tourists for hiking because of its vast expanse and rich flora and fauna.

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Another most popular trekking trail is the way to mud volcanoes in Andaman. Even though mud volcanoes are not quite the most interesting sights, the journey among the jungles to the points where they are found definitely is. If you have visited the mud volcanoes in Baratang you would know that it is not an exciting place so it can be avoided if you don’t have enough time at hand.

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Cave exploration

Diglipur is where you can also visit the extremely famous wonder of nature – the Alfred caves. Even though, it requires an official permit to visit the caves, it is going to be a memorable experience. Alfred Caves are a cluster of 41 caves that are interconnected and have a narrow entrance but later open into small and large caves. You will also require a professional guide to visit the place or you can also request the officers to assist you inside the caves. These caves also resemble the Limestone caves in Baratang but they are also different in certain aspects and it would totally be a new experience.

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Watching turtles nesting

People from all over the world come to places like Diglipur which are a popular turtle nesting ground for a lot of turtle species. The Kalipur is the most popular among other beaches as it not only provides you an amazing beach experience but if you patiently wait throughout the night you will be able to watch the turtles lay eggs in the sand and the baby turtles hatching out of their eggs and going back to the sea. You will need a guide for this too as it is difficult to recognise the turtles and if you go near them it might frighten the turtles and scare them away.

Leatherback turtles in the Andamans: Highest number of turtle nests in a  decade found this year-India News , Firstpost
source: firstpost

Do share you experience with your close friends and relatives once you finish your trip just so they can also have a taste of this tropical paradise. Nobody would want to miss out on all the fun they can have here once they know about Diglipur. Extend your trip as much as you want and as much as is required to explore Diglipur and just delve into the puddle of joy that this place is.

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