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Five Greatest Of All Time, Travel Books you must check out!

Travel Books: One of the major highlights of reading a book is that we can travel anywhere anytime. It can simply teleport us to different places without actually going there. We often hear people saying travel changes a person in and out. They get to visit new places, meet new people, and explore a new culture. Once that person gets such exposure, it carries with them throughout their life. Hence, travelling is fun and meaningful in a way one gets to find who they actually are. This pandemic has put a restriction on travel and we cannot go places how we used to earlier. The months of May and June are specifically kept aside for travel and spending vacation with family and friends by any Indian family. But the fear of the covid pandemic might pave way for doubts in the minds of people. Nevertheless, during this vacation time, you can make your mundane days exciting by getting teleported to your favourite places or to some places you are unaware of.

We bring to you the five best travel books to read. This summer, sit back and enjoy reading these travel books.

  • Don’t Ask Any Old Bloke For Directions – by P.G. Tenzing

Often, when one is not happy with their life especially considering their job, they ask numerous questions to themselves. How many of them have the courage to step out, take the risk and live life the way their heart yearns? Well, that is something that we all need to ask ourselves. Here is the author of ‘Don’t Ask Any Old Bloke for Directions: A Biker’s Whimsical Journey Across India,’ P. G. Tenzing, who had that courage and pursued his dream of travelling on Indian roads on his bike. This book is an account of his incredible journey of life lessons and learnings. It is one of the best travel books one must-read.

Image Source: Penguin Random House India

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  • Full tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle – by Dervla Murphy

Through Full tilt, Murphy reminds the readers that you can never make the same journey twice. This is the author’s first and most popular travel book. From the perspective of a distance of 45 years, the book also has the quality of social history. In the book, Murphy’s route was through Eastern Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Murphy’s Full Tilt is a classic as the author, who is also a cyclist is still travelling and writing into her eighth decade.

Image Source: Goodreads

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  • The Art of Travel – by Alain De Botton

Botton’s title alone is so catchy and captivating that any travel lover would want to read it. The Art of Travel speaks about harsh truth through various adventures and experiences Botton goes through. The highlight of the book is that it doesn’t show the good parts alone, but brings forward the limitations too. Botton explores the notion that isolation can cause in oneself. His use of simile heightens the grandeur of his writings.

Travel Books
Image Source: Alain De Botton

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  • Stranger on a Train: Daydreaming and Smoking Around America – by Jenny Diski

One can figure out from the title of the book itself that this one is about a train journey and focuses along the perimeter of the United States of America. We all might have our own set of good and bad stories of train journeys, this book is also like that. The author very beautifully describes each and every character she meets on her journey. Diski simply shows America from the eyes of a stranger. Mesmerising details of the places she travels are another exemplary highlight of the book.

Travel Books
Image Source; Goodreads
  • The Alchemist – by Paulo Coelho

Coelho and his quotes are world-famous. Especially the ones from The Alchemist are known to everyone – “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it” and many more. Santiago, a shepherd boy from Andalusian, has a desire, desire to travel the world and find adventure in worldly treasure. Little did he know that he would end up finding his inner self which taught us, the readers to listen to our hearts. This story has made The Alchemist a modern classic and a must-read travel book.

Travel Books
Image Source: Paulo Coelho

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